Beauty For The Outside In

In this day and age, we are increasingly aware as a society, how important it is to eat organic and as natural as possible.  Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to apply this rule to the outside of our body.  We are simply not aware that our skin is the largest organ in our system; absorbing toxins and nutrients by whatever products we put on it.  The general rule of thumb that applies to food, should also apply to our skin care products; if it’s over 3 syllables or you can’t pronounce it, it’s not worthy of being on your body! Many ...

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November Events

UPCOMING EVENTS WITH PANDORA’S PRODUCTS AND SOME OF OUR BEAUTIFUL PARTNERS! November 1: Everyday Relieving massages with oils and salves with Louise, East Northport, 7:30-9pm. $25 exchange November 7: Wellness Thru Mindful Nutrition Satsang, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9pm.  Our topic this month is maintaining a healthy weight on a plant-based diet. $15 exchange November 8: Kickoff party for the Tea and Tarot Spaliday Parties!  Join Pam and I for an evening of mini tarot readings, as well as information on the importance of organic and natural skincare products.  Come in to the holiday season in ...

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Your Tattoo Aftercare shouldn’t be an Afterthought

1. What are some negatives about not healing your tattoo properly? I’ve talked to many artists about the healing process of tattoos, and the dangers of poorly healed tattoos.  While infections aren’t a huge concern, “hard healing” is – this is when the tattoo heals slowly and/or scabs a lot, which can lead to a good amount of ink falling out with the scab.  In addition, most artists can schedule follow-up appointments for large pieces within a 2-week timeframe…unless your tattoo isn’t healed enough.  This delays your piece, and the availability of the artist to reschedule your next sitting.  Poorly ...

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