February Events and links for details
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  • February 3: Enlightened Bodies 90-day challenge A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip, Wednesday’s - 2/3-4/27. Are you looking for more information about the Foundations of Yoga? Are you looking for interactive support, during your New Year’s health resolution? Would you like new recipes, meal plans, cooking tips, and plant-based health information? Would you like to use your breath to influence your mind and body? Join Samantha Buser, 200-RYT and Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, M.A., C.L.O., for a 90-day program that is guaranteed to change how you feel about yourself how you integrate your Mind, Body & Spirit! http://pandorasproducts.net/enlightened-bodies-90-day-challenge  for investment options
  • February 5: Satsang: Nutritional satsang cliff notes A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9 pm.  This satsang will focus on the "cliff notes" of nutrition: 8 pillars of good health • Water safety • Antioxidants • GMOre info • Food myths/balanced diets • Sustainability. These events are meant to raise questions within yourself about how you manage your life, and the more questions you have, the more fun it becomes! $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.
  • February 7: Chakra Yoga Level I A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 1-4 pm. Chakras are the energy paths of the body. Learn about the seven major chakras and how we may work to open and balance them through yogic techniques. Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, M.A. in Holistic Wellness and elder Greenfire Wisewoman Melissa, will teach us about the basics of the chakras, as well as foods and essential oils that correspond to different chakras.  Angela Strynkowski E-RYT 500 & Owner of A Jewel in the Lotus will explore various mudras (hand postures), chants, and yoga asana poses to balance and unblock the chakras.  Exchange: $50
  • February 20: Chakra Immersion Series A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – third Saturday of every month, 6:30-8:30pm. In this immersion, we will study the Chakra's and teach you how to balance them. Each third Saturday of the month will focus on a specific chakra with yoga poses, meditation, mudras, basic information about the chakras, essential oils, foods, and so much more! We will individually test each chakra with a pendulum before and after each workshop, so you are aware of the transformation. The last session will be a summary in case you miss any during the immersion. This program can be taken as individual workshops, or as a series. Exchange: $280 if taken individually, or $250 for all 8 (more than a 10% savings!)