What to look for in an aftercare company
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(After all, that IS our best-selling product line, and how we started on this venture!)
We know about ink, because we have it!

We know about ink, because we have it!

Hint: you should look for the same qualities in an aftercare product, as you do in a tattoo artist
  • Someone who believes in their art, and considers what they do AS an art form.
  • An aftercare product should be made by someone who has tattoo’s.
  • It should be made by someone who knows the field of skin care, and knows about the actual healing properties (or lack thereof), of the ingredients IN their product!
  • It should be created by someone who has an understanding of the human anatomy/ biology, skin conditions and immune system issues.
  • It should be made by a company with a high level of customer service.
  • A company that has a good rapport with tattoo artists, so they can get accurate feedback and understand how tattoos heal.
  • Your aftercare should be guaranteed to HEAL YOU.
  • Your aftercare should contain simple and minimal ingredients, to avoid reactions and allergies. It should be Hypo-allergenic.
  • Your aftercare should not contain anything you can’t pronounce and certainly nothing with more than 3 syllables!
  • It should contain organic ingredients, to reduce allergies, and promote healing—it should not cause diseases down the road.
  • A product should increase the healing time of your work. The longer a tattoo takes to heal, the greater the chance it will need touch-up’s and the coloring/line work will fall out. (No product can claim to eliminate the need for a touch-up…the human body will always reject a small amount of ink, here and there.)
  • A product should be useful for all phases of healing, and be multi-purpose. If you can’t use a product for 7 days in a row or need to switch to other products to heal the tattoo, why would you buy it and risk confusion and poor healing? Remember the saying…Keep It Simple!
  • Your aftercare should not contain ANY colouring (food grade or not), as it is recommended to use products that contain no added scents or colourings.
  • Your aftercare company should care about YOU.
Demand the qualities listed above, and your tattoo and/or piercings will absolutely heal better and faster! You just paid good money for permanent ink - don't be stingy because the product your artist recommends is a couple of dollars more more than a cheap alternative, that can have dangerous and even lethal side effects. Order now—your aftercare products shouldn’t be an after-thought!