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Food Flix Cinema (Dinner and a Movie) EMPIRE STRIKES BACK


“Re-imaging the ‘TV Dinner’ Experience” – meals inspired by cult films!

Product Description

Please note doors now open at 6:30 now, rather than 6pm start time. This month's dinner and a movie feature is Empire Strikes Back, and is the original, non-special edition being shown! If you want a little more info on us, check out this article by Greater Bay Shore, or this one, by Newsday! As always, enjoy a movie, friendship, tea & coffee, and 100% fun, organic, plant-based food - served throughout the viewing. And as always, we have goodies for you to take home (keep those collector pins, by the way!). This month's organic, plant-based menu consists of: *Planet Hoth’s Chilled Soup - Chilled cucumber soup w/a cashew creme base *Asteroid Field Salad - Veggie medley with asteroid-sized crou”TON”s *Luke’s Packed Lunch - A healthy twist on a taquita (beans, cheeze, veggies) *(Exogorth-space clug) Worm Spaghetti - Noodles with sun-dried tomatoes olives, garlic & pesto *Yoda’s Dagobah Dessert - Mint mousse with chocolate crumbles Empire menu copy   Please note RSVP/pre-pay via the link below is required, as there is limited seating for these events. Your ticket does include a complimentary herbal tea from the magician's at Cyrus: Chai & Coffee Company, as well as homemade organic popcorn (it IS a movie, after all-what movie theatre can give you *that*?)! Pricing is $35/per person and includes our gourmet menu, drink, gifts, and viewing.


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