RH TeaTree Soap

Real Heal Foaming Soap (Tea Tree)


Product Description

Excellent for healing piercings, as well as tattoos!  This is a mild and gentle liquid soap made from natural ingredients, containing no harsh chemicals, additives, colorants or sudsing agents. Features: Pure, all-natural ingredients & cruelty-free Vegan Guaranteed to heal your tattoo faster Natural sudsing ingredients eliminate excess rubbing and irritation No harmful ingredients 100% organic essential oils help heal skin faster Ingredients: Castile soap (olive oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide) – naturally promotes healing Lavender essential oil- toning, refreshing, cleansing. Good for inflamed and sensitive skin, is antiseptic, antiviral, soothing & a fungicide. Promotes new skin growth, heals burns, acne, infections, fungus and scars. Rosemary essential oil- anti-microbial, purifying, contains natural anti-oxidants to speed the healing process. Lemongrass essential oil- cleanser, astringent, fungicide, bactericide. Tea Tree essential oil: antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide and fungicide. Suffolk County Dept. of  Health Services suggested aftercare instructions: Aftercare tattoo Aftercare branding scarification Aftercare piercing


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