The W’s on Fasting (Who, What, etc.)


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Have you ever wondered why people put themselves thru the "torture" of fasting?  Have you ever wondered what fasting entails?  Does it seem so difficult, that you can't bear to fit it in your schedule? What I can tell you is that there are as many ways of going through a detox or fasting, as there are ways to meditate.  My favourite throughout the years is what’s known as an intermittent fast; this is simply an extended period of avoiding foods (typically 24 hours). If you are a follower or fan of the Paleo diet, pay attention—this is how our ancestors ate.  Though we have research to prove this, common sense tells us our ancient predecessors didn’t have grocery and convenient stores nearby, and we weren’t all that great at hunting.  Thankfully, we figured out how to forage and eventually plant/gather! From “your body can stay alive for long periods of time with limited calorie intake.” In fact, if you want to live longer, perform fasts. Regularly.

What is intermittent fasting? 

As stated above, it’s simply an extended period of time, when no food is taken in the body.  It provides a period of rest for your entire system.  It gives your body a negative-calorie deficit/negative energy balance, in which it becomes impossible to eat the amount of calories you have not consumed in the last 24-hours.  But this isn’t about weight-loss, it’s about optimal health…

There are 4 different ways to complete intermittent fasts: Download this quick guide to find out what the options are, and get ready to feel great!


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