There's a middle road between medicine and nature... I'll help you find it

I’ll introduce you to a wide range of topics, though they all fall under the great umbrella of healing and holistic wellness.

Maybe it’s a course on nutrition, water quality, Ayurveda, meditation, exercise, herbs, cooking techniques, sensory perception, or essential oils. Maybe it’s a little more spiritual and encompasses empowerment, energy healing, or chakras.

As your Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, I’ll help you design a lifestyle that works for you… full of the zest, security, and happiness you truly want.



Feel vibrant with plant-powered snacks, hand-crafted meals, cooking classes, and recipes


Balance your senses with resources, recipes, and ideas for the Outside. Why? Your skin is the largest organ of your body!

Ancient Wisdom

Discover life thru courses on nutrition, herbs, exercise, mindfulness


Plant-Powered Food:

  • Organic Meals
  • Raw Snacks
  • Recipes
  • Dressings/Spices
  • Food Flix Cinema
  • Meal Plans


Organic Skincare:

  • DIY Baby Poder
  • Beauty for the Outside In
  • 9 Facts About Olfaction
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Essential Oil Safety


Wellness Courses:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Ayurveda Basics
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Self-Care / Empowerment
  • Mindfulness Basics

My mission is to create a society that relies on Nature as a healer, not trends… a society that believes in Hope (nutrition), Grace (sensory input), Ancient Wisdom (nurture/Nature). A society where we understand medicine is useful for acute issues, but long-term solutions aren’t found in the latest media outlet or social media headline.

We no longer feel trapped by genetics or what our Dr, family, or friends say about our current situation. We know how to move properly, rather than follow the latest exercise craze…

Nature always has, and always will be, our greatest source of healing.

It’s our job to protect Her, just as She protects us. Reverence, stewardship… nurturing Nature.

I know I’m able to give you the right tools to bring out the healing already within you by using the SIMPLE Method™. It’s how we work with Nature, rather than dismissing its “inconveniences” of weather, pesky bugs, or annoying birds.

It’s not a crazy dream, my friend. It’s how cultures existed prior to being Industrialized.

Let’s take a step back and work within the realm of modern society while incorporating the vast abundance of Nature all around us.

Yours in Health,

"I have to really thank you for going above and beyond with everything you have always helped me with and your great expertise is amazing!!!! You (ave a gift of explaining things and writing that makes it so easy for someone to understand! (plus, you are funny!!)"

In 2007, my reactions to standard tattoo aftercare became the motive for curating an organic skincare line. Most products on the market contain chemicals and ingredients harmful to our environment and bodies – all in the name of saving a few bucks. 

I know how confusing it is to muddle through the news, social media posts, and disinformation you see about nutrition.  I know how hard it is to eat whole-food, plant-based, clean meals that have flavor.

I’ve been where you are!

My Mission is to empower you to live as easily, inexpensively, and safely as possible. To do this, you need the ability to discern the truth. Not all trends are bad. I’ll teach you to find the truth.

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