2 misconceptions and a Bribe

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In the past week, 2 brief work conversations got me thinking:

  1. “If you know the cure for cancer, why aren’t you making it accessible to the public?”
  2. “You were never fat!”

My answers may surprise you:

  1. They (we all) have the answer to cancer… and I share it regularly, though it’s often indirect. Do you know how hard it is to convince people to make changes EVEN IF it reduces or eliminates their risk for diseases? We’re called quacks, blindly following hippie-dippy gimmicks.

    I also ethically (and legally) cannot claim my approach cures cancer. I’ve worked with enough cancer victims and survivors to know how delicate this subject is. Diseases are never simple.

    Cancer runs rampant in my family, especially my maternal side. Statistically, this horrible disease should affect me. My mother avoided it, despite her other health conditions—both her parents died of various types of cancer before she was 13 years old. If it skips a generation, I’m screwed.

    I fight cancer through lifestyle.

  2. I was obese… 200 pounds at 5’2”, to be exact. I still remember the moment I discovered my weight. I was at a doctor’s appointment at the ripe old age of 24, being evaluated for heart palpitations and following up on my acid reflux prescription. It floored me to learn I’d gained so much weight and didn’t know it. (I hide excess weight well—I knew I was overweight but not THAT much!)

    I immediately dieted. Trend dieting. South Beach, Fit for Life, Cabbage Soup diets, Doctors Diet Plan (like Weight Watchers, this diet counted portions of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables). No diet was sustainable, as they restricted foods we all love and are designed to eat. I gained weight back each time and hated the time and money I was wasting with each new fad.

    I fight obesity through lifestyle.

In Transformation 101, I cover lifestyle changes I made to prevent disease and weight gain—the 2 often go hand-in-hand). Do I KNOW is I’ll never have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or gastrointestinal diseases? No.

But I know with certainty I WILL end up with those diseases if I stay on the path my family followed.

We now know genetics has a part in only 5% of all diseases. 5%!

Epigenetics, however, plays a role in 95% of diseases. Epigenetics is the role your lifestyle plays in turning genes on or off.

Genetically, I shouldn’t like bitter foods, have wavy hair, and I should be anemic. Yet I love bitter foods through exposure to them at a young age and know their healing power. I eat foods that give a constant source of iron to my body. As for the wavy hair, who knows… it happened when I went to college. Maybe the mountain air and fresh spring water changed my genes. (It sounds crazy, but your environment affects your genes more than you think.)

In Transformation 101, I outline healthy living… without trends and without breaking your wallet. I’ve lived through trial and error and study what works for large groups of people. When I stripped away the fluff of DIEts and analyzed the data, the answer was so simple I questioned it.

Let food be thy medicine.

I don’t believe in trends. I believe healthcare should be accessible and affordable. I believe we should all have access to foods our species has eaten for thousands of years. We now call most health conditions “Diseases of Affluence.” We have access and money for too many trends. Trends that are killing us.

I’ve worked for conventional medicine and alternative medicine. I’ve spent over a decade working with healthy café’s and organic farms. Trends exist everywhere, whether it’s conventional or natural medicine. Prescription medication is meant to ease symptoms only, not cure you. (That is a fact. Ask your doctor if your medication will cure your disease.) CBD, foot soaks, salt caves, essential oil ingestion, berries, and powders indigenous to foreign cultures all claiming to cure diseases. They also just ease your symptoms and can lead to further problems.

No individual component will fight multiple diseases… our bodies and environment are far too complicated. If you want a guideline to health and an option for all the expensive and restrictive trends out there, join me! On June 25, July 2, July 9, I’ll be teaching the live version of my Transformation 101 course. (If you’re not in Maine, the online course is here).

Those who attend the live course will receive a [FREE] copy of my corresponding book.


I can’t cover all the material offered in my book in the 4-5 hours we’ll have together in a live class. But I want you to have answers. Answers friends and clients asked me for throughout the years. Answers to the trends and expensive fads. Answers everyone has a right to, no matter what their income or current lifestyle.

We’ll cover sleep, meditation, exercise, sensory input, time management, and a lot of nutrition. Each session ends with a Q&A, so we can address your personal concerns. Health is your birthright.

I’m offering you the gift of Empowerment… will you accept it?


What are your thoughts?

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