5 Important Basics: Home Décor & Simplifying Your Life

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It’s the final week of my series. This week, I’ll share the most important lessons I’ve learned from years of research and observing—having a deep curiosity about Nature never hurts…

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5 Important Basics of Home Decorating & Organization

  1. Space clear. Religiously. Obsessively.
  2. Donate. Donate. Donate.
  3. Only use colors and fabrics found in nature, that you find pleasing. Opt for wood, cotton, or other natural fibers. The 80s look of glass and metal is long gone… choose colors pleasing to you, too. If red doesn’t suit you, don’t use it. If you love brown, use shades of it throughout your house!
  4. Use warm and dim lighting. We get antique bulbs at hardware stores for the softer lighting. You can opt for lower wattage bulbs or use string lights or colored bulbs.
  5. Tease and appease as many senses as possible. Sound; light; smell; touch (taste is hard!); intuition.

5 Tips to Make Life More Efficient:

  1. Gossip less. A LOT less. It’s a time waster and negatively alters moods. Everyone knows a gossip doesn’t discriminate. If they’re talking about someone else, they’re talking about you.
  2. Limit external forces such as SM (social media), news, radio programming. Not only does it waste your time and alter your mood (even if only subconsciously), but what is it besides MORE gossip? When you limit external influences, you expand your internal influence.
  3. Obsess over your dreams—they force you to become effective and eliminate distractions. Share your dreams with those you trust, so they remind you of those dreams often… it keeps you accountable.
  4. RELAX… you’re more productive when you set timeframes for work AND play.
  5. Find a schedule that works for YOU & be proud of it. Our friends giggle when we tell them we go to bed at 8:30… but not when we say we wake at 4:30 in the quiet, dark of the morning, watching the sun break! I joke about sleeping like a 78-year-old. And… !?! I don’t care if it seems crazy that I’m asleep by 8:30… I’m also up at 4:30, ready to jump on the day! 

What are your thoughts?

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