5 Lessons on Motivating Yourself and Leading Others

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Over the next month, I’ll share success tips I’ve discovered through the years. Some are basic reminders while others will be new to you. I’ve learned these by research AND practice—most of these were hard-earned and costly. Sometimes the cost was financial—most of my expense was the cost to Ego and/or the cost of moving on. I want to help you avoid those same mistakes. I want you to find happiness, wellness, and freedom in the truest sense.

If you have questions about any of these or want to talk about it further, you know you can email me. I’m not an inaccessible guru you follow on social media—I’m your friend.

Ancient Wisdom is the Discovery Aspect of My Brand

I pass along tried-and-true advice from decades, hundreds, or thousands of years of wisdom. My job is to translate knowledge and make sense of it in our current state of living; to make it relevant and accessible in a language you understand.

I don’t believe in trends.

While they sometimes bring awareness to healthy topics like yoga, acai, or essential oils, trends bastardize civilizations. They omit the hard work of those who’ve practiced these traditions for thousands of years.

I understand why my father preferred underground music to pop culture—he was far ahead of his time.

Some of the subjects covered in the next month are trendy right now. As always, take what serves you and leave the rest. Come back to these as often as you’d like and leave a comment or email me and add to the conversation of these topics…

I’ll share the following topics over the next 4 weeks:

  • 5 Lessons About Motivation & Achieving Dreams
  • 5 Ways to Lead Others and Be a Team Player
  • 5 Tips About Managing Money
  • 5 Tips to a Successful Business
  • 5 Lessons in Marketing
  • 10 Ways to be the Best Partner
  • 7 Ways to Connect to a Higher Power or Spirituality
  • 5 Tricks for Home Decorating and Organization
  • 5 Lessons for Managing Your Life and Being More Effective

Part 1 of 4…

5 Lessons About Motivation & Achieving Dreams

  1. Learn to manage your time. You will not get extra hours in your day. As much as our Ego hates change and accepting fault, the truth is we’ve willfully given our time to others. As my mentor guided me, so shall I guide you: spend a week discovering where you waste time and I promise you’ll gain a minimum of 8 hours in 1 week. That’s a full work day of time for you to relax and regain your health!

  2. Obsess about learning. Whether it’s a new skill or learning in general, I can’t stress the importance enough. Learning keeps your brain young, keeps you positive, distracts you from the distractions of social media, and makes you a better and more valuable human. If you follow the step above, you’ll have plenty of time to work on brain puzzles, color, pick up a hobby, or sharpen your skills.

  3. Act despite/in spite of fear. No one is exempt from this great demon of protection—we simply quiet its voice and conquer the situation. Like any muscle, the more you exercise control over fear, the easier it becomes. If you’ve worked with a garden, you know stress creates growth: pruning creates transformation.

  4. Don’t be afraid to move on. This is a hard yet necessary lesson—it follows the last one for a reason. Let go of the attachment to family, friends, your job, home, or state of residence. Humans are nomads by Nature; attachment to people, places, and things only creates resentment and complacency. Act despite the fears you have about moving on, because nothing belongs in your life forever. This act of courage makes you a better person and inspires others… be a leader and allow others to grow by occasionally pruning your lifestyle.

  5. Share your passions for life. Inspiring others to follow their passions and dreams is contagious. The release of neurotransmitters from inspiring others is more powerful than any social media “drug.” A word of caution: not everyone will share in your excitement and drive. Never take their reactions personally—people often respond with their own fears, which have NOTHING to do with you. Your real cheerleaders will appear when you need them, as will the guides you need on your journey. Speak up, get crazy with your zest for life, and live as if there’s no tomorrow… but remember to show gratitude when tomorrow is gifted to you once again.

5 Ways to Lead Others and Be a Team Player

  1. Gossip less. No one wants to be the subject of a gossip column. No one likes a gossip except another gossip. Stand apart; be the bigger person; change the direction of the conversation. If you can’t change it, leave it. Talk about dreams or making the world a better place, rather than bringing someone else down to the gossip level.

  2. Laugh more… be someone else’s Sunshine! Smiles and laughter are contagious and healthy; boost your immune system while giving others a good dose of healthy hormones. Without being condescending, you can often change a negative situation by pondering how it could be worse. I attribute my happiness to phrases like “at least x, y, z,” or “better than x, y, z.” Those phrases came from a very challenging upbringing with parents who always smiled amidst the chaos. It’ll surprise you to see how those around you become more positive—you’ll also see how attractive your energy becomes. Who doesn’t love a lighthouse during a storm?

  3. Show up eager and give 1,000% even when you don’t feel like it. In case it’s not imminently clear, someone’s always watching. You never know who you’ll inspire or what good comes to you because of Being Your Best. Your next big offer may depend on it. Even if it doesn’t, inspiring others to follow in your integrity is a pretty cool aspiration. Creating a habit of greatness isn’t always easy… but Being the Best never is.

  4. Learn as much as possible, regardless of the job or task. The skills you gain add up and come in handy later in life (unlike algebra!). I wasted 6 years of life in high school and college by taking classical vocal lessons. 15 years later, I immersed myself in the world of wellness and yoga. Suddenly, I realized I was light years ahead of many in one area: PROPER BREATHING! Whether it’s teaching anxiety reduction, stress management, hormone balancing, exercise, or handling a situation with dignity and respect, the skills of breath and vocal control are priceless. You were gifted with your current situation for a reason—find that reason and take pride in it.

  5. Listen to people from a place of Compassion, not judgement. Lift them up by offering words of support. More importantly, follow up later! Not only does it hold friends accountable for their words and actions, but it shows you really care. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in what they’re doing… you’re interested they’re doing SOMETHING! Get your Ego and agenda out of their life and be their inspiration.

Stay tuned next week for the 2nd edition! Until then, what are your thoughts or what would you add to the above lists from your own years of experience?

What are your thoughts?

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