5-Minutes, 30 Years Later…

Paul McCartney performs on stage on the Paul McCartney World Tour, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 11th November 1989. He is playing a Wal 5 string bass guitar. (Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)
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5-minutes can change the path of your life forever. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY (May 1, 1993), this man changed mine… and the lives of hundreds or thousands I’ve taught over the last decade. When Paul opened his concert with a 5-minute clip about the brutality of slaughter houses, furriers, etc., I watched, horrified.

My values, my identity, habits, EVERYTHING changed in an instant—I haven’t touched meat since. I immediately went back to college in a small rural town of NC with no idea “how to do this veggie thing.” I at least had skills of being scrappy from a rough upbringing, so making cheap meals was pretty easy. How to make them meatless back in 1993 took some brainstorming. (Kinda like walking uphill both ways in the snow, like your grandparents did. 🤣) A HUGE thank you to Janet, for being the best roomie and figuring it out with me… Hamburger Helper, anyone!?🧡

I recently touched on this story in one of my cooking classes before moving on to the recipes While I don’t believe it’s the video he showed in ’93, I mention “Glass Walls” in a few different classes… I didn’t realize the effect it would have on one of my students, but she explained it during a different class I taught. Give it a quick listen here.

Her feedback re “Glass Walls”: “It didn’t feel good at all… I know it’s not all like that, but that was something that just stuck with me this week—it’s not really good for me, anyway. So, as hard as that was to watch, thank you for sharing that with me. It was really a big influencer.” She then swapped her usual weekly fare of grab-n-go ham sandwiches for a sweet potato topped with kale salad and chickpeas.

Fan of kale or not, there’s no denying the difference in nutrients, and the difference in the size of her new meal versus the amount of the calories she’s now eating.

Total fan girl confession in this video, too… and for those who think I’m “one of those preachy, judgy veg folks,” or that plant-based = vegan, give it a listen. Our conversation will surprise you. 😉

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