After teaching Tuesday eve at Middle Country Public Library, I felt it necessary to extend my gratitude...

For those of you who don't know, I'm a right-brained Introvert (it feels good to finally admit it and begin to understand how important we are in the world...say it with me, if you’re one of the 1 in 3 who are known as introverts - "I'm an introvert!" See? Don’t you feel better already? ;-)  Typically, we don't get our energy from external sources - it comes from within our minds (hence being called "innie's").  That being said, public speaking is something that terrified me, until about 2 years ago.  I have a Bachelors in Theatre Art, which came about after giving up 5 years of classical voice lessons because of (you guessed it) - stagefright.  Admittedly, my theatre degree was focused in set / lighting/ sound design and stage management, rather than acting.  There’s that stagefright thing again...

So what’s there to love about library workshops, when I’m the scared host GIVING them?  EVERYTHING.  Stagefright is just a silly little word, when your passion is stronger than the fear…

I was terrified when I started teaching workshops on nutrition at a local yoga studio 2 years ago.  After enough practice runs, I felt it was time to branch out a bit, and a close friend suggested I try a local library that needed a sub for an Ayurvedic workshop at the last minute.  While I wasn’t able to fill in that evening, this began the path of teaching at libraries.

I won’t lie—I’m a book worm.  I’ve loved books from a young age, and have that well-known addiction of buying books, when you haven’t even started the 4 you ordered last month.  I love the feel of them, the smell of them, and all the wisdom they impart.   When I was a teen, I went to library’s on my Saturday’s, to research topics like dreams, colours, poetry, health, etc..  I still stop every time I go to a library, and allow all my senses to take in my surroundings. (Do I sound like a library stalker? Eek!)

Back to the point of this blog…my love for giving library workshops:

  • 1 - I love being able to give back to library’s. It’s my way of saying thanks for their existence.  I also hope my workshop topics bring more patrons to libraries, and helps to create a resurge in the love for libraries.  It’s certainly made me a regular patron at mine (and no, I haven’t taught there yet, so it’s not a plug to come see me there)!
  • 2 - I love that I have people *attending* my workshops! Let’s be honest—not everyone cares about what they’re eating, the marketing deception in their foods, or in healthy water or essential oils.  The fact that the mainstream public is interested, gives me a great sense of purpose.
  • 3 - I love that people are so interactive at these workshops. I’ve actually started compiling a resource list from the information patrons give me, which will be recycled at later workshops.  (I admittedly love getting hugs from people after these workshops, too.)
  • 4 - I love meeting such wonderful people, who are so passionate about their health, and the health of their families. It’s so easy to get swept in the day-to-day grind, confusing media info, and negative publicity around everything.  Understand it’s mostly the diversity of these people that thrills me the most – I’m used to teaching at yoga studios and dojo’s.  That’s like preaching to the choir, honestly.  The library workshops give me a chance to grab people I wouldn’t normally be able to reach.
  • 5 - I love that these workshops are *free* to patrons (occasionally there’s a fee for materials, but it’s always minimal).  This removes a huge obstacle for most people who are living within a tight budget, but want to learn more.

I can’t tell you the sheer high I get, after giving a workshop at a library (of course, there’s the subsequent spiritual hangover the next day that has to be managed).  It’s a great feeling to know I am reaching new people, and am planting a seed of wellness in their minds.  For all the libraries who have so far allowed me to teach or have me scheduled, THANK YOU for helping me to fulfill my purpose.  For all the patrons who’ve attended, thank you for the knowledge you’ve shared with me, and for ALSO helping me fulfill my purpose.  For everyone reading this who hasn’t taken advantage of the programs at your library yet, what are you waiting for!?!  If there’s a topic you’d like to see and they don’t offer it, ask them to carry it…your words have value!

In peace, Alicia.