Here's How It All Began...

I’m an urban girl from a metropolis area of the south (like west-coast-of-Florida-south), who’s systematically moved north to find the land of her dreams in Maine. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness, am a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Elder Greenfire WiseWoman.

I’ve spent over 20 years researching natural and alternative forms of healing. I’ve spent that time also watching trends come and go…often coming back under a new name but with the same dangerous effects. 

Because of all my research, I’ve vowed to stick with tried, true, and more logical, scientific remedies. I’ve also spent over a decade working in health insurance, auto/home insurance, have worked for pediatric gastroenterologist’s as well as chiropractors, and have fought on both sides of medical claims to get Dr’s paid or not paid. I’ve seen all sides of our sick care model, and understand how and why they work.

I’ve been confused. I’ve lost my loved ones to diseases, after spending years caring for them and giving them solid, sound advice. I’ve had my own health battles. I’ve been frustrated by the information/misinformation out there.

I needed alternatives. People soon began asking me to explain how I got those alternatives.

My mission, or calling, is to help you cut through all of the confusion you see and hear about being healthy. I do this because of my own experiences of loss and confusion.

I want you to be able to do what I do—get the diagnosis from western medicine and responsibly follow a Holistic and natural, sensible, empowered existence.

There is a middle road between medicine and nature, and I’m here to help you find it. 

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2014 = Cruelty-Free

I have always been, and always will be, 100% cruelty-free. In 2014, I partnered with Leaping Bunny and am certified with them annually. 5% of all sales (not profit) are donated to Leaping Bunny. This funding assists them in further research and efforts of fighting against animal testing.​

2014 = Tattoo Aftercare

As an aftercare company, it's important to understand as much about the tattoo process as possible. I wanted to ensure my line of Real Heal Tattoo/Piercing Aftercare Products addressed all aspects of the healing process. As a result, I am privileged in being the only aftercare company in New York registered with the Department of Health as a Body Artist Establishment Vendor.

2015 = Real Food, Real flavour

In the spring of 2015, I officially launched an organic, plant-based meal delivery service. I've worked with natural food markets since 2007, both as an employee and vendor. I became certified by the Department of Health as a Food Handler, after voluntarily taking a course on Food Safety.

2015 = Certified Laser Operator

Despite the popularity of the tattoo industry, I am acutely aware that the number of shops and artists flooding the market lead to poor designs, and regretful ink. Since my certification, I have continued to work closely with Lorenzo. We launched NovE in 2016--the first organic, vegan aftercare product in the United States.

2016 = Food Flix Cinema

In 2016, my husband and I combined our talents and passions for food and film. We created the first organic, 100% plant-powered pop-up events at Cyrus: Chai & Coffee Company. (Don't worry, we're working on a cookbook so you can bring your own events to life!)

2017 = Digital Courses

In 2017, I returned to a lifelong passion of writing. I began using my years of research as a tool for offering workshops at local libraries, organic markets, and yoga studios. I now create online courses at low or no cost that cover multiple aspects of healing.

My Seedlings

...what do they say?

You definitely had an impact here! And don’t forget the ripple effect after the fact…

I just wanted to let you know that since I started receiving your blogs, I read them all! I enjoy getting a glimpse into your journey and you touch on the things that I would wonder about (garbage every other Thurs w tags! People friendly and adapted to their climate!) There is always something that I take away that I haven’t been exposed to quite so before… here it is “trading urges” and in your last blog, I saved the excerpt on “active/passive destruction/construction” – so spot on! Wishing you all good things on your continued adventure. 

Thank you! 💛

  – Regina Savarese

You really take the most simple ingredients and elevate them. Seriously…you can take a ½ dozen ingredients, put them in an elevator, and really raise them up!

-Customer at Golden Sparrow, where I was the plant-based chef

I’ll miss you, my friend. Thanks for all your warmth, kindness and fierceness. It’s been a privilege.

 – Cory Muscara

Thank you, Alicia! Your knowledge and beautiful personality was very helpful on understanding a bit more of ayurveda teachings. The class give the lay person a good idea of how Ayurveda works with in the body. So much more to learn, hope we can get you back to teach us More! Hugs to you and your beautiful energy! Always Humble and Kind, 

– Marianne Walz 🤗🐾🌞

Ps. Could you send out a cashew cheese recipe for me!!! Thank You! Namaste

You did an excellent job last night. The food was amazing! Your talk touched the people in the room.  Did you notice how attentive everyone was? You are a gifted, king and nurturing human being. Not to mention, smart and intelligent also. So glad that I was able to have you as the speaker last night. I agreed with what you said about being vulnerable/real/connecting with people.  

– Ann Garbarino

Alicia, you’re great! …. thanks again for the class…. like I said last night I’m sort of a skeptic when it comes to what I’ll loosely call the mystic kind of stuff.

But the way you presented the material really made it very practical and relatable to my life experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class material and your teaching style.

Thank you for your many hours of study and preparation that made you uniquely qualified and for the hours you dedicated each Tuesday night.

My wife and I plan to visit your restaurant, I look forward to seeing you again.

-Chris Hughes

I am Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom; I am all that was left in Pandora’s Box all those years ago.

Through my line of products, I aim to teach others about the powers of herbs and essential oils on their multiple levels. Through my writings, I share my hopes and dreams, with the hope that others will do the same. I believe in empowerment, opportunity, growth and change, in an ever-growing disconnected society.

While there is a deep gratitude and respect for Western medicine and all it provides, I believe it’s time to revert back to compassion and simplicity in order to achieve balance in our health. I believe in “living off the fat of the land,” by making use of what is within reach rather than living in excess or drilling for more than you need. I believe in a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, especially with regard to chiropractic care and Ayurveda.

Above all, my mission is to assist in healing as many as possible; from the individual physical body and soul to the threatened planet we currently live on.

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