Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom

Pandora’s Products and Pandora's Lunchbox are both embodiment's of their creator, Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi (that's me!). They're an extension of my persona and represent my core beliefs. Pandora’s Products were created to reach and heal those I cannot physically be with.

My mission is to educate people about living more holistically and in tune with nature. I believe in Universal Consciousness and in energy, on quantum, physical and spiritual levels.

Through my line of products, I aim to teach others about the powers of herbs and essential oils on their multiple levels. Through my writings, I share my hopes and dreams, with the hope that others will do the same. I believe in empowerment, opportunity, growth and change, in an ever-growing disconnected society.

We're all unprocessed, raw, natural, and organic beings who are gentle and seasonal, yet also amazingly adaptable, persistent, and strong. I hope to help you understand that.

I strive to be proactively sustainable as an individual, as well as within the two companies I own. While there is a deep gratitude and respect for Western medicine and all it provides, I feel it is time to revert back to compassion and simplicity in order to achieve balance in our health. I believe in “living off the fat of the land,” by making use of what is within reach rather than living in excess or drilling for more than you need. I believe in a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, especially with regard to chiropractic care and Ayurveda.

Above all, my mission is to assist in healing as many as possible; from the individual physical body and soul to the threatened planet we currently live on.

I am Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom; I am all that what was left in Pandora’s Box all those years ago.


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I have always been, and always will be, 100% cruelty-free. 5% of ALL sales are donated back to Leaping Bunny, to assist them in further research and efforts of fighting against animal testing.


A little more about my credentials and journey...
I earned my B.A. in Theatre Arts from a small college near Asheville, NC. In 2003, I began my studies in Reiki and spiritual work, deepening those studies when I moved to New York in 2005. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner since 2007 and also have training in Celtic Reiki. I obtained my M.A. in Holistic Wellness in January 2011, and offer workshops on nutrition, skin care, and various spiritual healing methods.
I am now an Elder Greenfire Wisewoman Melissa, which encompasses a lineage of training in herbal and spiritual work. As such, I am certified in aromatherapy, crystals, and chakra therapies. I began creating organic, all-natural skin care products during my studies as a Greenfire Wisewoman. I launched my first company, Pandora’s Products, Inc., in 2009.

Here's a short video that explains how it all began:

Don't let your tattoo aftercare be an afterthought! 

In 2014, I felt it was important to understand more about the tattoo process itself. At the time, I was heavily involved in the tattoo market, and wanted to ensure my line of Real Heal Tattoo/Piercing Aftercare Products were addressing all aspects of the healing process. As a result, I was privileged in being the only aftercare company in Long Island registered with the Department of Health as a Body Artist Establishment Vendor.

Tattoo Cert Course certificate 09-26-14

"In order to create a product that heals correctly, you simply MUST understand how tattoos are created, and the rules artists follow!" 

Suffolk County Dept. of  Health Services suggested aftercare instructions:

Aftercare tattoo

Aftercare branding scarification

Aftercare piercing

 In the spring of 2015, I officially launched an organic, plant-based meal delivery service. I had been in the natural food markets since 2007, working in local establishments. I believe healing comes first from the inside, which is then reflected on the outside.

While it may seem odd to some for me to own a skincare line and meal delivery service, I believe they perfectly incorporate my love for nature and the kitchen.

As I've stated in numerous different workshops, "both companies require me to create recipes to heal, and revolve around cooking in a kitchen. Both companies are focused on organic and eco-friendly ingredients, providing truly sustainable products. I I never really thought of my companies as separate entities."

I am also certified by the Department of Health as a Food Handler, after voluntarily taking a course on Food Safety.

Food managers certificate

Jump to August of 2015, and yet another healing venture. Welcome in the age of laser tattoo removal (the irony is in the fact that my husband is a tattoo artist, and worked at a shop next door to where I performed removals!).

Despite the popularity of the tattoo industry, I am acutely aware that the number of shops and artists flooding the market lead to poor designs, and regretful ink. (There are approximately 90 shops in Suffolk County alone, with shops coming and going at a staggering rate.)

"I knew the laser process was somewhat healing, because it would help the artist perform cover-ups easier, and would give the client more options for a cover-up. Taking the course with Lorenzo (International Laser Academy) completely changed my outlook of the removal industry. I was deeply moved by the level of healing we are really providing to people; for various personal, spiritual, emotional and employment reasons."

Since that training, I have worked closely with Lorenzo, creating a line of healing aftercare products. (Our first venture was with NovE - the first vegan, organic laser aftercare product in the United States.)

Certified Laser Operator (CLO)

Certified Laser Operator (CLO)

In 2017, I returned to a lifelong passion of writing, and took a copywriter course. I also offer workshops at local libraries, and am building online courses that will cover multiple aspects of healing.