Living SIMPLE™

Explore… the last pillar in my SIMPLE method: Sensory, Intuition, Movement, Plants, Loving, Explore.

Who can you BEcome? What can you discover about yourself? Why are you here? How can you pass along your legacy? 

These are questions we explore when I work with you. Because you influence others with your actions or inactions.

Self-improvement is the greatest investment you can make… everything you learn creates new skills. Those skills are priceless in helping others find their dharma.

Cooking Classes. Coaching. Wellness Courses.

Most weight loss programs fail for 2 main reasons:

  1. they teach you to rely on them for tracking points, calories, some external counting method AND
  2. they don’t look at the body as a whole. 

Yes, nutrition is the main focus of health and weight loss, but there’s spirituality, herbs, movement and things that that aren’t directly related to food.

Nutrition is the first thing we master together—we create a healthy environment so you have the energy to move, learn how your senses affect you, and explore what you want in life.

Your body is like a garden: you can move plants around your yard as much as you want and build a beautiful landscape. But if you don’t give those plants the correct sunlight, soil, water, or nutrients they need specifically, they won’t thrive.

Sun, soil, and water, specific foods all give plants the food they need to thrive. Each plant needs different nutrients, too… just like us, they each have different nutritional, light, and water requirements.

Dialing in your nutrition also affords you the money to buy courses, books, or whatever you feel improves your life. You have the ability to help others and save the world, if you want.  


Nutrition without gimmicks


Senses, Intuition... keys to success

Ancient Wisdom

Stewardship with Nature



When I started an organic skincare business in 2011, I vowed to adhere to my values, no matter what it cost me to procure goods


Laser Operator

Despite the popularity of the tattoo industry, the number of shops and artists flooding the market lead to poor designs and regretful ink. Though I no longer remove tattoos, I still work closely with my trainer to provide our aftercare products.


Food Flix Cinema

My husband and I combined our passions for plant-based, healthy food and movies to create a dining experience like no other. Watch our trailer here! You can also check out our write-up in Greater Long Island here, and our Newsday promo here!


Digital Courses

In 2017, I returned to a lifelong passion of writing. 22 years of research is the foundation for workshops at local libraries, organic markets, and yoga studios. 


Published Author: Transformation 101

This is a book about your Wellness journey, based years of questions from friends and clients. Gain control of your life by standing up and saying no to what no longer serves you. Small steps create major change… without the dramatic shifts that made past attemps unsustainable.


No-Oil Certified

A few years ago, I changed my stance on using oils, when my husband and I reversed Diabetes II and pre-diabetes. Most of my clients find me due to dietary restrictions and/or health concerns… they rarely have time to cook or don’t enjoy it. Rob and I know how hard it is to find truly healthy food in the world, so this is the missing piece for you!


In-Home Caterer

Understanding food safety isn’t optional… I need to understand all aspects of health and give my clients the highest level of service possible.


Certified Coach

I’ve coached people for years in classes and in private sessions… but I didn’t charge and never had a process to follow. In the winter of 2021, I learned how to create a strategy for clients.

The same year, I took a subconscious reprogramming course that explained how to help clients overcome blocks from their past.

Stay tuned, as I’m currently enrolled in a nutrition course!

How can I help you?

Whatever your lifestyle challenges, let’s talk. 

Alicia really cares about her clients!

“For the first time in years, I feel hopeful. I’m beginning to see the light of day with things that felt overwhelming and a huge burden. I feel like I can breathe and this is finally possible.

Alicia is the perfect combination of holding my feet to the fire at times but only to a tolerable degree… with a light-heartedness and encouragement that makes things feel possible that never felt possible before.

She’s such a great person to talk to and keeps me laughing and growing. I couldn’t be more grateful that she came into my life.” 

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