And Now, Gardening May Kill You-Part II

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The next phase of the process is stopping us from gardening.


If you’d like a video version of this, check out Pam Popper’s clip here: A New Danger – Gardening! ( Otherwise, keep reading… this is a subject that hits too close to home for me to ignore.


The regime looks at us as dispensable mouth-feeders. There’s too many of us, so it’s necessary to get rid of most of us. If you’ve ever seen the movie Inferno, or remember Thanos from the Avengers series, you’ll remember this concept. It’s maniacal and fun to watch in a movie theater—until you realize it’s not far off from reality.


With millions of adverse reactions, tens of thousands of deaths, miscarriages, sterility, and politicized health agendas, one thing is clear: they knew the jab was more dangerous than the flu and they still forced it on millions of people worldwide. It’s not the first time this has happened, either… a TB shot was pushed in Africa, knowing it would cause miscarriages and sterility in women.


Now that excitement over the vax is winding down, it’s the next level of genocide, starvation. (They’ll get us one way or another, if poverty and our own Ego don’t kill us first.)


As an avid gardener, plant merchandiser, assistant grower, farm hand, plants are my passion. While this post is political and may turn some away, understand why I’m discussing this, despite possible backlash: I stand for Nature. I believe in Her healing power. I’ve experienced it, researched it, and know how healthy it is to live as close to Her cycles as possible in our industrialized country.


My mission is to create a society that relies on Nature as a healer, not trends… full of folks who believe in Hope (nutrition), Grace (sensory input), Ancient Wisdom (Nature). They understand medicine is good for acute issues, but long-term solutions aren’t found in the latest media outlet or social media headline. Nature always has, and always will be, our greatest source of healing.


I love the community food creates, whether it’s the farm or the table… it’s a way to share with others. Many of us garden for our own food—we have sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, and herbs on our back deck. It takes practice, so I play with different methods of gardening each year.


But now, GARDENERS have been warned that their habit could leave them at an increased risk of heart disease.




I suppose the media missed the reports on the Farm Effect, which shows that in just 2 weeks of gardening, your health improves and your gut microbes change—altering your health for the better. “I Contain Molecules” is an excellent journalistic look at microbes and the importance they play in our lives. Grab the book on Amazon, if you’d like to geek out about the one thing higher on the food chain than us…


According to the latest media hype, pollutants/plastics in soil cause heart problems when you garden: “until we know more, you should wear a face mask to protect yourself” from the danger of inhalation. “Ironically,” face masks are one of the latest contributors to the excess plastic issue we place on this planet—masks also come with dangerous CO2 health concerns and social psychology issues I won’t discuss here. The very cure against dangerous gardening is… pollutants and plastics… ironic.


Normalizing face masks is an outdated ploy, you sinister governments. I will not comply. Ever again.


“Experts at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany said pollution of air, water and soil is responsible for at least nine million deaths each year.”

I’d love to see the actual research backing this statement. 9,000,000 deaths specifically from pollution each year!? Wow… how did we determine that, especially in the last 2 years of mismanaged recorded deaths?

“Writing in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology, the authors said soil pollutants include heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics.

Dirty soil can get into the blood stream, through inhalation.

Soil pollutants also flow into rivers, making dirty water, which may later be consumed.

Pesticides were also linked to cardiovascular disease.”

Yes, yes, this is why it’s important to focus on using Nature as pesticides: pairing insects and plants to minimize pests. Most of us use minimal pesticides in our little plots of land, especially if we’re growing food. But this is why I stress importance for not spraying weeds in your backyard and instead pulling the weeds and ingesting some of them.


The experts added that while people who work in agriculture and chemical industries will be most at risk – the general public could also ingest pesticides from contaminated food, soil and water.

As someone in this field, thanks, but no thanks… your concern isn’t justified, nor is it an actual concern of yours. The people at risk for these diseases are, yes, the agriculture and chemical industries who use huge amounts of RoundUp and other noxious chemicals to suppress weeds and increase the drying speed of crops.


The experts said: “Although soil pollution with heavy metals and its association with cardiovascular diseases is especially a problem low- and middle-income countries since their populations are disproportionately exposed to these environmental pollutants, it becomes a problem for any country in the world due to the increasing globalisation of food supply chains and uptake of these heavy metals with fruits, vegetables and meat.”


Who ARE these experts, anyway? Tell them to stop spraying our food with poison. Stop tilling the soil, which diminishes nutrients. Stop feeding animals crap, which ends up in the bodies of those who eat those animals.


There’s no genuine concern for the low- and middle-income countries, it’s just that we’re the ones interested in food security. We’re the ones most affected by globalized food issues. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t rely so much on other countries for our food.


Look, the governor of Michigan banned gardening stores from opening, but liquor stores could remain open. That makes sense—when you understand there IS an agenda, and it’s not your best interest. Politicians have corporations’ best interest in mind—that’s where their money comes from, not you and I.


My friends, don’t believe the lies about growing your own food. Start practicing now, because it’s a skill that takes a few years to master. Besides giving you a wealth of healthy microbes from gardening, it tastes 9,000 times better than anything you’ll ever find in the store.

“You cannot comply or fight your way out of tyranny,” -Pam Popper, Wellness Forum Health

With love,


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