Are You a Control Freak?

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Dean Graziosi was talking about his “why” for success… knowing your “why” is what keeps you going through the process when it gets tough or “shit goes sideways.”

I’ve always known I’m a control freak; it comes from a childhood of watching my parents lose complete control of their homes, finances, health, and lives. I had little control of the friends I had… I went to 6 different elementary and middle schools because we moved a lot. I was shy and there were times we had no phone; I walked to the corner market and my friend called me on their payphone.



I obsess over our bills and our credit reports because I’ve worked in credit departments. I know what it’s like to be evicted from trailers and RV’s as a kid. I refuse to be denied anything reasonable as an adult, so I handle my finances appropriately. We prepare for needing a new car, house, or unknown emergency that may occur, despite those items being nonexistent.

My irresponsible ex put me nearly $100k in debt, including a mortgage and my student loans. I know I allowed this. It took me 4 years to dig out of that hole, which included debt-management counseling (I do NOT recommend this!)

I’ve seen friends go through bankruptcy, foreclosures, and auto repo’s they could have avoided with planning. I’ve watched friends trapped in a house with a family they despised and a job they desperately wanted to leave; but they “couldn’t afford to leave either.”



Following a WFLFPP (whole food, low fat, plant-powered) lifestyle means you have to have control… almost 100%, to be exact. You can’t just swing in to the local gas station for pizza (ew) or hit the drive thru at fast-food joints.

Proper nutrition requires preparation. It may seem painful, but I know the other side… I know what it’s like to give your health to the medical profession. I watched my parents succumb to disease and death by 47 (dad) and 49 (mom). Granddad passed away at 76 from emphysema and a 2nd stroke; grandma was 85 when gout, low oxygen levels took her—she was lucky enough to beat breast cancer. My mom was orphaned at age 13… her parents lost their battles to alcohol and cancers.

I’ve been prediabetic, obese, had large kidney stones in both kidneys, and suffered from heart palpitations and hypothyroidism. In high-stress or poor dietary situations, my eczema and seborrheic dermatitis flare… there were days I wouldn’t leave the house, so I canceled work meetings.

I REFUSE to depend on having insurance coverage and medication to ease my symptoms (notice I didn’t say cure my conditions). What if you can’t afford either?

A preventative diet and exercise are key. I’ve seen what it’s like to juggle doctor’s appointments and medications. I know how hard my mother struggled to renew Medicaid for us and herself, in her final years. I watched as she spent hours riding buses to endless appointments, making sure her housing stayed active, she had food stamps, and the health care she required to survive.

It became a full-time job for her.


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I refuse to be controlled by politicians, social media, or anyone who wishes to instill fear in my life. I refuse to allow myself or my husband to be told “no” to the things we deserve in life; a home, a car, healthy food, healthy pets, and peace of mind.

These are my “why’s.” What are yours?

What are your thoughts?

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