The Environment for Success

Reading Time: 7 minutes See the difference your Identity creates? So, what Identity are you living into each day? Which Identity creates your beliefs, skills, behaviors, and environment? Let’s give a common example I encounter regularly:


  • If you’re Type II diabetic, you probably believe it’s because your parents had it. You may also believe the hype you hear about diet and exercises for diabetics. You may believe you’re destined to be on medication or insulin (beliefs)
  • You may not make the time to research the other side of the diabetic condition, which advises you fruits and carbs aren’t the issue, but fat and animal protein actually are. You won’t make time to gain skills for cooking or research, because everywhere you look, the same story persists… watch carbs and sugars (skills)
  • You probably have the same behaviors or habits your family had because that’s where most of our stories originate. “I was raised on meat and potatoes and bacon makes everything better!” (behaviors/habits)
  • Your environment will reflect all of this, in whatever way your story plays out—for many, it’s having low carb veggies in the house, focusing on “clean protein,” and substituting sugar with toxic fake sweeteners. You may not have basic weights for lifting, bands for stretching, or good shoes for walking (environment)


I’m here to help you create an environment for lasting success, with habits guaranteed to help you lose fat, lower blood pressure and glucose, and reverse most chronic diseases. Here’s a handout that sets up your kitchen for success… this is how a Lively Gardener shops for food and stocks their fridge, freezer, and pantry.

Willpower is a Lie

Reading Time: 6 minutes So many times, we hear the lie that you just need willpower and you’ll lose weight or conquer whatever it is you want in life.

Lol, I wish that were true, but if so, we’d all have what you wanted instantly, right?

Or, it’s the theory of “just create healthy habits for success!”

Well, that’s not the complete picture, either.

Most experts tell you a habit’s created in 21 or 30 days… but it’s actually 67 for most of us. You’re not at fault for breaking that habit or not forming it properly. You’ve been told a half-truth, which sets you up for failure, time and time again.

Your brain, frankly, often works against you. Your subconscious makes 95% of your decisions before you consciously decide. Read that again—before you decide to eat x, y, z or do x, y, z, your subconscious mind decided.

Sadly, that means you’re not really in control, doesn’t it?

It’s no wonder so many of us “fall off the wagon,” “can’t break that habit,” so on. We do it all backwards because that’s what everyone tells us to do.

To have what you want, you do these things, so you can be <insert your dream>.

We know how that broken model’s working out for us… 80% obesity rate, 1 in 3 somewhere on a diabetic scale, heart disease skyrocketing, increasing depression rates, and feeling a lack of purpose.

Who you think you are is the key. Who are you BEING? What are you DOing to get there, so you can have the things you need?

Plants You Don’t Have to Fuss With

Reading Time: < 1 minute There’s something about gardeners, isn’t there?

But so many others ask me for “a plant I don’t have to fuss with.”

My darlings, this is a great metaphor for life… and as you know, I see links between gardening/ landscaping and our human existence. The 3 years I spent growing plants for Sprague’s Nursery (Bangor, Maine) healed me in ways I can’t explain.

There’s one major lesson I learned—you need to fuss with most plants. You need to understand them, talk to them, get to know their quirks and personalities. Any gardener will tell you this…

We all want a quick fix, easy pill, instant solution to beauty. But it’s not just plants, my friend… it’s EVERYTHING.

How to Save on Groceries (without Sacrificing Your Health)

Reading Time: 8 minutes This article is for those of us concerned with health AND wealth.


Last month, a conversation started with a friend, when my newsletter advised we spend an average of $75 for groceries weekly. Given our inflation (and it’s here to stay, folks, probably increasing more before 2022 is over), you’ll want to know where you can save money without sacrificing your health.


The conversation with my friend also led to my take on the organic industry. I want you to understand both sides of the argument, so you can make educated decisions for yourself, your family, AND your future.


Side note: For those not in my region of Long Island, NY, Wild by Nature is a local health food store owned by King Kullen. It’s a smaller version of Whole Foods, but a little larger than the ma-n-pa varieties found in many towns.


“I shopped at whole foods last week with my husband—our grocery bill came to $280.00!!


I know they are more over-priced—how do you keep it down to $75.00!? Are you buying all organic?” 


That’s why they call it Whole Paycheck, darling! It’s also why I balance Wild by Nature with other stores, because it’s just too pricey in those stores, for sound reasons (buying power, blah blah). No, we don’t buy 100% organic, for too many reasons to write about (I explain it more in my Edible Holistic 101 class, though). Here are a few major talking points that keep our bill down so low:

How Outdated DIEtary Trends Kill Us

Reading Time: 7 minutes Here’s something I’ve never shared before, to explain this further—my father died of a sudden heart attack at 47, as you know. (I’m now 4 months older than he was, which is surreal…)

What you don’t know is the secondary cause of his heart attack… “DT tremors”. He was again going cold turkey, giving up drinking in an instant. He did this throughout my childhood and young adulthood—each time, putting his body under more and more stress. He’d then pick the bottle and cans when he fell off the wagon, and repeat the detox process every few years.

There’s only so much your body can take when you push and pull it—his heart couldn’t take another round of detox, so he collapsed in the shower and died before the ambulance arrived. He didn’t understand how to kick the habit or how his brain worked, so he did the best he could to fight his addiction.

This shouldn’t be your story, but so many crash DIEts cause a similar outcome. I want you to understand how your brain works, so you can stop whatever your “poison” is and replace it with a healthy habit you love. I want you to stop putting extra stress and pressure on your organs, so they can operate into your 70s, 80s, and 90s, fully functioning, keeping you alert and full of passion. So I’ll discuss habits, skills, identity and so on over the next couple of weeks.

It doesn’t matter that my father’s poison was alcohol… substitute alcohol for a high-fat, lower fiber diet; excessive amounts of meat and dairy; a sugar addiction; or just eating endless supplies of ultra-processed foods. All poisons have the same effect on your body. They just result in different ailments for you than they did for him.

5 Sad Realities

Reading Time: 7 minutes

So many of our conditions are preventable…


Last week was hard. It started with the beautiful soul I’ve cooked for passing away on Easter. I’m very close to his family, and watching his and their journey at the end of his life has transitioned me greatly. I’ve seen the effects of BigPharma, Western Medicine, and Hospice first-hand. I’d grown to love some of his 24-hour-care home health aides.

I’ve processed my mother’s untimely death on a new level, as he experienced similar struggles she did—Hospice, end-of-life medications, and everything a person deals with as they’re dying.

Earlier that day, Rob and I spent Easter with his mother—a healthy, vibrant, active 80-year-old woman who amazes me. I remember the awe I felt as she walked up our stairs for dinner… “she’s just gorgeous. This is what watching your diet and lifestyle looks like. F*ck all the BS claims about aging. There’s LIVING proof your life is what you make it.” What an inspiration.

A few hours later, the once active, highly intelligent, beautifully profound soul I mentioned in the beginning passed away at 81. Polypharmacy had taken its toll… what a stark contrast and important metaphor. My client was gone, my dear friend’s father… his wife’s only love since age 16. This was completely preventable. Just like my parents and grandparents.

I Don’t Care if it’s Vegan…

Reading Time: 6 minutes There’s a scary crossover between Sci-Fi and reality happening, and this is just one instance.

My friend, there are frightening agendas at play today, not discussed on major media outlets. There are many of them, in fact, but I’ll just address the movement of “sustainability” and “plant-based” foods, since those are my areas of expertise, and realms we can easily control ourselves.

As you’ll read in this article by Children’s Health Defense, there are some trendy plant-based substitutes on the market, claiming to save the world from climate change. Ironically, some of the meat alternatives aren’t plant-based at all, as they require slaughtered animal cells. Many of them are far from sustainable, despite their claims—sustainability is becoming laughable and disgusting.

I can get your grocery costs to about $3/meal by focusing on whole foods and plants. I can also teach you how to make your own cheezes and patties, so you’re less reliant on manufactured lies. That’s my job—to increase your health while fattening YOUR bank account, at the same time we help the planet and take back our power from shady governments and corporations.

I Have a Confession…

Reading Time: 9 minutes I teach various aspects of wellness and healing through plants: Herbal Basics 101; Essential Oil Safety 101; 29 cooking videos; Plant-based Substitution classes; Elements of Ayurveda; Transformation 101.


All these classes have one common theme: Healing with Plants.


Seedlings is a title I’ve had for my clients and patrons for years—they’re tender shoots I nurture with ancient wisdom and advice. That’s all of you reading this, watching my YouTube vids, purchasing my meal prep plans, taking my classes on wellness, so on.


For those I work with personally, there are specific identities:


  • Wilted Sprouts have specific conditions that put them at risk for premature death. Not all of these conditions have to apply, but if you recognize 2 or more of these, I’m here to help: you’re on multiple medications; you have 20+ extra pounds to lose; you yo-yo DIEt with little to no success; have high BP; high cholesterol; live a sedentary lifestyle, and much more.


I move these to what I call:


  • Lively Gardeners. They not only have power over their own life, they also tend to others. You’re vibrant; you know what to eat; you know how to adjust your diet if you gain 5 pounds because of winter, vacation, whatever; you can fast; you can move easily without a lot of pain; you can be active and not hurt yourself.

    You understand the myth of aging is a lie.

What Food Has All the Nutrients?

Reading Time: < 1 minute What food has all the nutrients? What are your favorite healthy eating tips?

There’s no food that has all the nutrients the human body needs, despite what clever marketers want us to believe. Eat a varied diet of whole grains, veggies, legumes, intact fats, and fruits… “the rainbow,” as they say. Each color of the rainbow has specific nutrients your body needs daily. All the foods I listed also contain fiber, and overlooked “nutrient.” To dive a lil deeper into simple nutrition basics, [read more]

If one is low on iron, should they take an iron supplement?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Please make sure you’ve had blood tests to determine you’re low in iron—iron deficiency symptoms are similar to other deficiencies and it’s important to not take excess iron… a physician needs to monitor blood levels.

Similar to B12, we need iron to treat anemia. It’s important to know that iron toxicity is a serious health concern and most people are not deficient in iron.

A deficiency of iron causes brittle nails that are spoon-shaped or have lengthwise ridges running across them. It can also cause brittle hair and hair loss, fatigue, pallor, dizziness and anemia. These symptoms can be present with other conditions though, such as B6 and zinc deficiencies. Again, a blood test is the best way to decide the true deficiency of any vitamin or mineral before beginning supplementation.

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