Do You Wanna Pay More for Insurance?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stop putting your life in the hands of corrupt government and media.

Start researching the truth about health, not just today’s trendy “eat this, don’t eat that” fad. Trust me, the Powers that Be are perfectly fine with you believing the propaganda. The truth is often censored on SM platforms—it’s why you MUST subscribe to health professionals and experts who send emails/newsletters.

I’m not OK trading freedom for those who willingly neglect their own health and the gift of life that’s so precious. And I’m certainly not OK trading my freedom for lies and agendas. I spend 8+ hours each week researching health and the truth behind what people see on the media (I don’t watch any of that crap, but I hear plenty about it!).

Remember, I lost my parents when they were only 47 and 49… I know how broken the system is and how facts are manipulated as needed.

5 Important Basics: Home Décor & Simplifying Your Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s the final week of my series. This week, I’ll share the most important lessons I’ve learned from years of research and observing—having a deep curiosity about Nature never hurts…

If you missed the previous tips, check out the links below:

5 Lessons in Business Practices & Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes And… the saga continues!

I’ve been in business for myself for the last 13 years. Whether or not you’re self-employed, there’s plenty you and I know from working for others. Maybe we don’t understand what’s going on in the background, nor do we always understand why decisions had to be made the way they were.

Here are the most important lessons I’ve learned throughout the years of a rather eclectic resume—some of these practices apply to our personal lives, too…

5 Lessons in Managing Money, Being the Best Partner, Finding Spirit

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the continuation from last week, let’s discuss 3 (sometimes) ugly topics: money, spirit & relationships.

If there’s one thing that can sink ANY relationship or business, it’s finances. Financial dependency is a dangerous way to live; I’ve seen too many people destroyed by living beyond their means. I made different financial mistakes… giving my credit to others in need. I co-signed for a car a friend and allowed my ex-husband to spend frivolously—I even helped him secure a new home and credit when we split. It took me 5 years to reestablish my credit, despite not needing it to buy a home. So why bother?

It’s not a topic any of us love discussing, but I’ve worked in credit departments, and I know how easy it is to overextend debt. There’s a lot of money in keeping us in debt—your interest rate is partly determined by the risk of others. You help everyone when you’re financially stable.

As I said when this pandemic started, if you’re waiting for the government to bail you out financially, you’ll die waiting. There’s ALWAYS a price you pay for bad credit and financial insecurity.

Being a better human makes the world a better place. If you can’t control your life, finances, and emotions, you’ll never help others. It doesn’t take a lot to be The Best Partner you can, even if it’s just in friendships or in business partnerships. It doesn’t take a lot to remove your Ego and look at the foundation of what others are saying. It doesn’t take a lot to spend wisely and stop feeding the consumerism wheel.

A note I wrote about “Zen Keys” by Thich Nat Hahn: “Mindfulness is more than just attentiveness-it’s also seeing the value of ‘things’ and not wasting them.”  Reduce, reduce, reduce. I’ll cover space clearing in a future edition of this series… for now, remember buying more than you need keeps you tied to a system of capitalistic dependency, does not fill the void we believe it fills, and depleted the health of our planet.

5 Lessons on Motivating Yourself and Leading Others

Reading Time: 5 minutes Over the next month, I’ll share success tips I’ve discovered through the years. Some are basic reminders while others will be new to you. I’ve learned these by research AND practice—most of these were hard-earned and cost a lot. Sometimes the cost was financial, but most was the cost to my Ego and/or the cost of moving on… I want to help you avoid those same mistakes. I want you to find happiness, wellness, and freedom in the truest sense.

mindfulness calm quote

Do You Suffer From Confirmation Bias?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Without external influences of the media or other forms of drama, the eagle continued building. It gave me hope and realigned my focus. Build… this is all temporary. I continued thinking about the future and the solution to the temporary pain humanity is facing:

  • We are not prepared for a worldwide health crisis. Our comorbidities are staggering, and our finances are a mess. We don’t know what our “normal” body feels like, so how do we know if warmth is a hot flash or fever? How do we know the headache isn’t from seasonal allergies? Is your coughing and shortness of breath normal asthma or a symptom of the virus?
  • We can survive with less than we think. Despite the hoarding we saw (or in spite of it), it’s clear we can survive on less “stuff.” I hope you learned to make do with less and if not, why not?
  • We’re easily distracted unless we have bigger goals than what’s on the news or social media (SM). As I mentioned, I avoided SM and most emails for the past 5 months. Unless an email was a trusted source on boosting my immunity, building financial stability or a business, or offered an alternative viewpoint to what coworkers were discussing (AKA translating the news for me), I avoided external contact. I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor superhuman. I just know the negative effects of following the corrupted agenda of mainstream media.
  • Progressive businesses always find alternate and new ways to share and connect with their tribes. I’ve seen incredible changes in business structures of friends, and new businesses emerge. To all of you making waves and moving forward, thank you. <3
  • Society is a fragile illusion. This is an unsavory lesson I’ve accepted over the last few months. We’re watching as humanity collapses in front of us. We’re a nation of Karen’s and SM platforms censoring alternative, valid scientific evidence. As I heard today, when have you ever heard of a drug becoming as controversial as Hydroxychloroquine?

    I’ve studied science and natural healing for over 20 years. I’ve never seen a single drug have such controversy; nor a nation so divided about whether we should open schools, wear masks, defund police, social distance, open businesses, or focus on race this much. I never imagined gyms and fitness studios would have to risk fines for doing their job of keeping us healthy. #DeFundTheMedia

Scared and Sad…

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rob and I learned a huge lesson in our 17 years together: 2 steps forward requires a step backwards. We’ve moved 8 times in 17 years, including our upcoming move back to Long Island—3 of those moves are inter-state moves, which count as 2-3 moves, in my opinion. The truth is, we’ve had great financial success in Maine and have a laid-back schedule. Our life here is very comfortable.

Real Heal Original Tattoo Aftercare/All-Purpose Salve

Reading Time: 2 minutes Within the first year of releasing Real Heal in the tattoo aftercare market, I received unexpected feedback. While I knew it worked as a fantastic healing agent for cuts and chapped lips, clients mentioned its ability to speed healing for diaper rash, burns, runner’s chaffing, insect bites, and much more. Recently, a friend texted me about a burn; she wanted to know which product of mine worked best.

While NovE/Real Heal Jell-E is a great treatment for calming the skin, I advised her to use the Real Heal Original/All-Purpose Salve she had on hand. Here’s her journey, unedited:

The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes As I discuss in multiple articles, my book and in my courses, what we put on our plate has a profound effect on the rest of the planet. The coronavirus is a wake-up call. At worst, well… we continue on our current path of factory farming, animal exploitation, and a flu strain decimates the human population.

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