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Nutrition and Your Carbon Footprint

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m obsessed with food and planet Earth… I see them as separate entities that are essentially the same. Our planet provides food, and our food returns to Earth. I discuss nutrition in workshops, write about it, cook meals for private clients and cafes, and research urban farming and permaculture.

Nutrition and our carbon footprint are 2 sides of the same coin.

It’s important you understand the basics of nutrition and have a foundation for healthier living. The healthier you are, the more clearly you think, create, live, and return the blessing of life to our planet. Let’s discuss how to optimize your food intake and output, and how your diet affects Earth. 

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5 Problems with Natural Products

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s be honest… some natural products just aren’t as effective as their chemical counterparts. Non-chlorinated bleach—ever tried to whiten a porous sink with that stuff? No bueno. And no amount of scrubbing will get your sink clean. Non-aluminum deodorant? Some people smell like they haven’t bathed in days when they use it.

I fully respect the effort of the companies putting out these products, but they just don’t work.

You forego some conveniences when you go the natural route—there are things you accept as less-than-perfect. You decide if suffering with inconveniences of the natural version is better than using less of the toxic crap. I prefer both options.

6 Ways to Make Your Heart Happy Through Mind, Body, Spirit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Someone suffers from a heart attack every 25 seconds and while many survive a heart attack, a life ends every 45 seconds because of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with females at greatest risk.

My paternal grandfather suffered from multiple strokes and my father died of a sudden heart attack at 47, with no known heart disease. Genetics play an insignificant role in your health, however…  your lifestyle determines the risk of 95% of the diseases known today. We call this biological study epigenetics, or how your environment affects your genes in addition to DNA markers. Since I have an increased risk for heart problems, I focus on prevention.

Why Cruelty-Free?

Reading Time: 3 minutes My company is certified cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny, a subset of NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society). This means: all my suppliers sign forms annually, stating they are cruelty-free; I certify I use cruelty-free methods, when making my products; no animal testing takes place in any part of the production process. I am also listed as a cruelty-free company with PETA, and have supported their mission since 1994. (I do not agree with all their methods, but I am grateful for the resources and education they provide to the public.)

February Events

Reading Time: 2 minutes February Events and links for more details (Compassion Continuation): February 6: Wellness Thru Mindful Nutrition Satsang, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9pm.  Our topic this month is Organic and Natural Skin Care, where you will learn why it’s important to use natural and organic products, the toxicity in many common products, and …

February Events Read More…

10 Tips to Aid Our Planet

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the past decade, I’ve taught in yoga studios, libraries, natural food markets, and adult education districts. While I cover topics like nutrition, skincare, chakra balancing, and mindfulness, there’s one underlying theme: reducing our footprint on our planet.

It’s the root of everything I do (pun intended).

Here are my student’s Top-10 Tips to living a more sustainable life:

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