Wreath Making 101

I believe most Mainers’ first word is “yup.”

For Downeaster’s, their first word may be “wreath” or perhaps “tips.” “Downeaster” denotes those who come from the 2 southeastern counties along our coastline of Maine, Washington and Hancock counties. Wreath-making is often a family event, and I’d guess balsam sap may very well run through their veins…

I spent almost 2 months making wreaths and like many Mainers, can now spot the difference between a bad or “Canadian wreath,” and one made by an experienced maker. 

Get Ready for the New Year!

Stay off social media or at least reduce it to every 3-4 days. Turn off your phone notifications, too. Stop distractions whenever and wherever possible. The world won’t end if your presence isn’t known every hour or two. Quite frankly, you aren’t missing anything except drama. We all know how easy it is to harp on something you saw 3 days ago, letting our Ego get the best of a useless situation. I sometimes don’t answer a personal text or email for 1-2 weeks—my friends are aware this is normal and they’re afforded the same freedom from having to respond to me immediately.

Giallovember 2018

We closed out Giallovember and as promised, I wanted to pass along Rob’s movie picks for the month. (Giallo + November=Giallovember, which is nestled neatly between Horror + October and the Holiday Classics/not-so-classics of December)   For those of you interested in movies or those of you tired of the drab selections on Netflix, …

Giallovember 2018 Read More…

Our Holiday Traditions

Like many, fall is the season Rob and I love the most. The leaves change and drop, the high temps disappear, and the wildlife changes patterns. We sit quietly as Nature prepares for dormancy and we make our own preparations for the colder months ahead.

Being in Maine for nearly a year has taught us a great number of lessons. I take little for granted now, given power outages, new insects, failing wells, and erratic weather patterns. We now have a generator, a Water Bob filled with water in a spare bathtub, and plenty of snow-salt for winter. Studded snow tires are on next week’s agenda.

Fall was short this year, though no shorter than I remember it being in NC or NY… it’s never long enough, in my books.

Rob’s Horror-tober Picks

If you know Rob at all, you know he’s a horror movie fan. He doesn’t just watch movies or wear horror movie t-shirts though – he studies them. He knows multiple obscure movies and genres, studies directors, watches documentaries on filming and style, and researches the movie industry heavily. You may even know he’s written & directed a few short horror films of his own.

What you may not know is that every October is a special month for him…

Maine Leaf Peeping

There’s a delicate balance of people/nature, city/rural life here in Maine. As more and more Mainers pass along tips of their favourite “secret” getaway spots, I’ll keep sharing them with you! Happy fall season and a Blessed Samhain/All Hallows Eve to you!

IPDE – More Than Just a Clever Driving Technique

Whether you consider IPDE as a driving lesson, a martial arts defense move, or futuristic view is irrelevant. What’s important is to look for opportunities, predict where and how they may occur, decide how you’ll react in each version of your future reality, and then actually take that leap.

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