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In the late 90s, I took yoga classes offered at my corporate job. I was obese, nearing 200 pounds. Yoga was difficult because of my belly fat. I had various health problems as a result of my weight; heart palpitations, acid reflux, and hypothyroidism. I had always been a thin and active child—Corporate America fattens more than just your wallet.

My doctor’s nutritional advice? Eliminate my daily 1 cup of coffee. He mentioned NOTHING about the rest of my diet, and didn’t even ask about it. And he was a wonderful physician!

Like many, I took my health in my own hand. I began lifestyle changes of jogging, trendy DIEts, lifting weights, Tae Bo, and practicing yoga—and the weight came off.

I took my prescribed medications of Synthroid and Prilosec; I learned what foods were best for MY body, which exercises I enjoyed, and started eating seaweed. (My thyroid condition was a result of switching from iodized table salt to sea salt without iodine.) Within a few months, I was off all medication. I eventually lost 40 pounds by making minor tweaks to my diet…

I’ve had no serious health problems since then. When I suffered from kidney stones in 2007 & 2008, I cured them with acupuncture, spiritual practices, diet, and herbs. Given my post-grad research, I refused all medication and treatment options from western medicine. After all, they misdiagnosed my stones in the first place, so I wasn’t very trusting of their skills!

I don’t teach trends. I despise them, as you know. (Thank you, dad!) I also despise how helpless people become when they visit doctors. I advocate for the health of my family, so I’m in the room when they see doctors. Yep, I’m that obnoxious one who challenges the doctor, asks questions, and pushes for the most natural option.

Doctors no longer work for youthey work for BigPharma, who also owns the media (80% of media funding comes from the pharmaceutical companies).

YOU need to be your own doctor—you’ll find your highest level of health WITHOUT medical advice. Nutrition, herbs, mindfulness, Eastern philosophies, and living vibrant in our western culture is SIMPLE. I’ve distilled 20+ years of research and the information I used to heal myself into a few courses.

The solution for achieving our ideal weight and health is to live in accordance to our individual constitution. You don’t need a doctor’s approval or permission. In fact, you probably won’t get it. YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR OWN HANDS.

Doctors know little to nothing about nutrition or lifestyle habits… it’s not taught in medical school. Most patients just want a pill, shot, or easy fix to their problem.

I worked for a Pediatric Gastroenterologist in a hospital for 2 years and had the best lunches ever. Pharmaceutical reps treated us very well. Despite me needling my boss about his Asian Indian descent, begging him to provide the information to truly heal his patients, my words fell flat. Instead, I billed insurance companies for colonoscopies on newborns. But…

Doctors are not evil. They have grueling schedules, patients who don’t listen, and a medical AND insurance industry that polices their every move. Even dentists have trouble eliminating fluoride and mercury, for fear of losing the support of the ADA.

Doctors have 5 minutes to diagnose and work with you, while 10+ other patients sit anxiously in a waiting room or have a nurse take initial readings. Doctors determine a course of action for someone they have no vested interest in, with a ton of forms (which may have incorrect/missing information on them), lab tests, and endless symptoms.

What could be the cause of said condition, given the factors mentioned; what medication will react best and have the least side effects; what medication won’t react with patients other said condition; what insurance does this person have that may prevent treatment problems; what’s the patients’ medical history; what’s the level of compliance for my patient; how long will this take the insurance company to pay me for today’s visit; has the patient listened to my prior advice? Will they sue me?

Here’s the solution you won’t learn from 95% of practicing doctors:

  • Food
  • Movement, senses
  • Herbal medicine, ancient philosophies

The solution for achieving our ideal weight and health is to live in accordance to our individual constitution.

As the saying goes, whether you think you can or not, you’re correct.

My goal is simple: To Empower you to understand your own Body, Mind, and Spirit better, working with Nature, not against her.

The Bad News


I’m offering my online courses at 50% off until Sunday. After that, they’re gone, even at full price. And I’m working on something MUCH BIGGER for the winter!

The Good News


If online classes aren’t your thing, I offer some of these courses via ZOOM. Not all, and if there aren’t enough registrants, the program doesn’t run. Online classes are yours to take whenever you want, in PJs, with 30 days of private email coaching.

If you want to be healthy and vibrant (a Lively Gardener), you’ve gotta have: enough energy to control your life; enough knowledge to sift through bad data; fun in the kitchen!

Here’s an outline of the programs offered until 9/19/21 (all come with a F.REE preview for you to test drive them). Click the class title for more information or to start your test drive/full enrollment. You do not have to purchase anything for the test drive—just create an account with no further obligations.

All courses come with email coaching at no additional cost… guiding you individually is key for success.

I’ll help you move from being a Wilted Sprout to being a Lively Gardener by aligning your health with your dreams. After all, will you accomplish your dreams if you’re sick? What if your dream goal IS health?

What’s the cost of hospital bills? insurance? getting sick? funerals? What about The cost of losing loved ones? lost years of life expectancy? or The cost of your loved ones caring for you and worrying about each ring of the phone?

If you’re ready to take back your health without a bunch of trendy, expensive gimmicks, join me before these classes go bye bye! Your transformation awaits…

What are your thoughts?

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