Why Cruelty-Free?

Reading Time: 3 minutes My company is certified cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny, a subset of NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society). This means: all my suppliers sign forms annually, stating they are cruelty-free; I certify I use cruelty-free methods, when making my products; no animal testing takes place in any part of the production process. I am also listed as a cruelty-free company with PETA, and have supported their mission since 1994. (I do not agree with all their methods, but I am grateful for the resources and education they provide to the public.)

February Events

Reading Time: 2 minutes February Events and links for more details (Compassion Continuation): February 6: Wellness Thru Mindful Nutrition Satsang, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9pm.  Our topic this month is Organic and Natural Skin Care, where you will learn why it’s important to use natural and organic products, the toxicity in many common products, and the …

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9 things you need to understand about olfaction!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever wondered why you smell lavender, and someone else smells lemongrass in a product?  Are you puzzled at why you can’t smell a scent you put on in the morning, but your friends comment on it, later in the day?  Think all the essential oil sniffing jargon is just hype and sales tactics? I often …

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Please allow me to introduce myself:

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m the soul-e-prenuer of Pandora’s Products, Inc.. But what the hell does that exactly mean, to be a soul-e-preneur? I wish I could remember where I heard the phrase about 5 years ago, so I could give proper credit.  When I google the term, it seems only I’m using it (if you find someone else, …

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9 Problems With Healing Tattoos

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should any problem or concern arise regarding your specific healing process, contact the shop and artist immediately. DO NOT rely on your friends, as they are not certified by the board of health, nor do they have enough experience in this area. Should you have questions regarding my aftercare products specifically, feel free to contact me directly.  (I can only advise you about specific issues you are having with healing your tattoo if you purchased my products.)

If the germs don’t kill you, the soap will…

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m going to jump on my soap box, for a minute (yeah, yeah, pun intended)…  I have never been a fan of the entire anti-bacterial movement.  I simply don’t understand it.  That being said, here’s a recent article that confirms my fears about how we manufacture and market products as safe, without thinking it through.  …

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One Product, Many Uses…

Reading Time: 3 minutes I believe products should not only be safe and smell good, but also have multiple purposes.  In an effort to reduce waste on the planet and your wallet, I design products with many uses, so you can become as obsessed with them, as I am!

Day One Aftercare Process

Your Tattoo Aftercare Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

Reading Time: 3 minutes While it amazes me that a tattoo enthusiast will spend hours researching designs, artists, shops, prices, and won’t even think about healing the permanent piece of artwork they’re about to receive, I do understand there are novices out there. It’s also my job as the creator of Real Heal Tattoo Aftercare Products to educate artists and the …

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