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The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes As I discuss in multiple articles, my book and in my courses, what we put on our plate has a profound effect on the rest of the planet. The coronavirus is a wake-up call. At worst, well… we continue on our current path of factory farming, animal exploitation, and a flu strain decimates the human population.

The Humanity Prayer

Reading Time: 2 minutes May You Be Happy: send this around the world, to every living being enclosed in our atmosphere.

May You Be Healthy: the stronger we are mentally, emotionally, and physically, the faster we get to the other side of this issue. Negative stress weakens our immune system.

May You Be Free From Fear: envision those who are living in fear, unnecessarily hoarding supplies from the rest of the world. In the standard rendition of this chant, these people are the people you don’t like. In this adaptation, it’s anyone stockpiling supplies. Wish them eased fear, so they know we’re safe and there’s no need to remove the safety from others.

Music as Motivation?

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all listen to music while exercising to get us going… why not use it as fuel for other passions? Why not find songs that align with your core values?

Emoto proved molecules are altered by music; restaurants provide music as an aspect of ambiance, as do retail stores. If you’ve attended a live class of mine, you know I always play ambient music in the background. It helps you focus, calms all of us, and makes us all smarter. 🙂

I teach mindfulness about what you listen to when you cook, when you’re at work, and especially when you’re driving.

While most commutes are spent listening to classical music, there are “those mornings” I need uplifting, inspiration, or drivea reminder of why I’m here. On those mornings, there are 3 songs I play back to back (I have a short commute!); I share them with you below, along with one of my favorite musical social commentaries.

The lyrics are below, but it’s music, so the point is to listen to the melody and the vocal expression. Use the written lyrics to understand what they’re saying, especially in the Thievery Corporation song.

These are rock tunes (Thievery is an electronic/world fusion band)—make sure your volume’s appropriate for your location. 😉

mirror of camera

Taking the Hawthorne Effect to the Next Level

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s the moment of opportunity: 

What if you combine those two effects? You pretend you’re being watched by those you admire… What if the greatest leaders, speakers, or gurus were in the room with you? Would you act, say, do, eat, think differently?

What World Do You Want to Live In?

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, what’s the solution? 

You and I have similar fears… we want to be healthy, we want our loved ones to be healthy, and we don’t want to spend a fortune getting there. I won’t give you any shortcuts—if you want a magic pill or quick route to health, I’m not the Influencer for you.

Like sickness, thriving wellness is an ongoing process. You didn’t get wherever you are overnight, nor can you leave there overnight. You found me because you want a better life.

I challenge you to enjoy the next level of true wellness!

20/20 Vision!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Here are 10-steps for maintaining focus, staying organized and on track through a regular work season. I’m passing these along for you to plan your declaration for the new decade. After all, the new year is less than 2 weeks away; if you want success, don’t wait until January 1 to set new goals. 80% of most resolutions fail by February.

Fact or Fad? You Decide!

Reading Time: 3 minutes P.S. There was a report on NPR yesterday about a massive sugar beet crop failure. The summary included information about the U.S. importing sugar from around the world. I laughed and yelled at the same time (to anyone driving past me when I had my outburst; I swear I’m not crazy!). I guarantee these are GMO crops… the same GMO crops that we’re told will “save the planet.”

The truth? GMO crops consistently fail. You cannot create a superior product to Nature. She’s spent millions of years perfecting DNA.

Your Vision for the Decade

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we enter this new decade, consider:

  • What big dream you like to accomplish? (Don’t think small—dream of the ultimate!)
  • What needs to change in your life so you feel overall balance?
  • What unique gifts or experiences can you share to make the world a better place?

Reaching your highest potential is never an easy nor linear path.

Permaculture and the Story of Stuff

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m in the throes of learning about Urban Gardening and closed-loop systems. My quest for next year’s edible bounty brought me to a short video you need to see, called “The Story of Stuff.”

It reminds me of my journey in life and the Mission Statement posted at the bottom of every email I send: HopeGraceAncient Wisdom.  There are very deep, personal reasons I create products and teach the topics I do:

  • I recycle as often as possible because I hope the planet can heal and am saddened by the amount of waste we create.
  • I keep my products affordable for the public without devaluing what I create, because I was Graced with an ability to help heal.
  • I believe that following the older laws of nature is a better path than the current system of healing.
control panel

Are You a Control Freak?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I refuse to be controlled by politicians, social media, or anyone who wishes to instill fear in my life. I refuse to allow myself or my husband to be told “no” to the things we deserve in life; a home, a car, healthy food, healthy pets, and peace of mind.

This is my “why.” What’s yours?

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