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Meditation in the mist

My Secret Weapon

Reading Time: 2 minutes I received an email from Bo Eason October 4 indicating most people spend 12-15 hours PER MONTH on social media… that’s 2 full work days! 

You all know how I feel about that. Your dreams are much bigger than anything shared on public platforms. You deserve better in life… you deserve peace of mind, which you won’t find on any social media platform.

Sloth left homeless from deforestation


Reading Time: 4 minutes Never doubt the impact you have on future generations; your actions today determine what’s left for others. Every action has a reaction.

Please consider the importance of all creatures on this planet. Everything is significant, even if you’re unable to find it. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant or insignificant.

Global warming is real… instead of complaining about erratic weather patterns and unseasonable warmth, ACT. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to make a difference; start with just one day of meatless meals.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Remember, Compassion is contagious…

tiller & rye cooking demo

Adult Ed Fall Events in Maine

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Join me September, October, and November, while I offer courses in Dexter, Hampden, Orono, and Dover-Foxcroft. Discover the truth behind the trends. We’ll cover how you can heal with

  • Hope – plant-based, low-fat meals designed to reverse our impact on planet Earth,
  • Grace – organic skincare made with ingredients you can pronounce that won’t add toxins to our water and soil, 
  • Ancient Wisdom – it’s time we stop listening to external sources and tune in to our internal cues. Forget Fads. Learn the Facts.

Hope, Grace, Ancient Wisdom

Reading Time: < 1 minute Move if you don’t like where you are. Get yourself out of debt if you’re in over your head. Watch what you eat. Stop letting creditors, the food industry, and the health industry control your mind, body, spirit. Get healthy for your family and inspire your friends. Everyone’s watching, whether or not you know it; you’re already a role model. How are you showing up every day?

Be that ray of sunshine and make someone’s day brighter. Make a difference while you can.


Life’s short.

To Detox or Not?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Most cleanses have you ingesting food, which doesn’t allow your body to burn fat. Fasting does burn fat and is a hell of a lot healthier than the Keto DIEt. After decades of hosting various cleanses, here are my observations on cleansing versus fasting. Fasting is what doctors prescribe prior to major procedures to avoid complications… they don’t ask you to cleanse. There’s a big difference between the outcome of the two.

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