Ten Basics About GMO’s

Reading Time: 6 minutes Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are organisms that have been altered from their original natural state, by introducing a new gene into its DNA.  My favorite example is a tomato that has had fish scale chromosomes inserted into its DNA strand, to make the skin of the tomato more resilient.   Think that sounds incredible?  What’s more …

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Nutrition and Your Carbon Footprint

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m obsessed with food and planet Earth… I see them as separate entities that are essentially the same. Our planet provides food, and our food returns to Earth. I discuss nutrition in workshops, write about it, cook meals for private clients and cafes, and research urban farming and permaculture.

Nutrition and our carbon footprint are 2 sides of the same coin.

It’s important you understand the basics of nutrition and have a foundation for healthier living. The healthier you are, the more clearly you think, create, live, and return the blessing of life to our planet. Let’s discuss how to optimize your food intake and output, and how your diet affects Earth. 

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