Do You Judge People by a Label?

Reading Time: 7 minutes When we embark on a new lifestyle, we want to share our successes and path with others. We want people to join us in our new lifestyle. We want to help our tribe find success as we did. We want to convert them from their old life to a better one.

Even if the intent is well meaning, it’s an immediate turn-off, even for those who already share your ideals. This is what they hear: “I’m better than those not following this path.” We see this mentality in “health” DIEts: gluten, soy, carbs, coffee, and an endless list of foods are all evil. It’s what I detest about MLM’s—the image you represent the only reputable company; only you speak the truth.

This mentality leaves you no room for error, growth, or learning. That’s a dangerous place to live, my friend.

Learning to Say No

Reading Time: 6 minutes It has to be the hardest 2-letter word in the English language. At least that’s my opinion. It’s something a therapist taught me to say over 15 years ago when I was going through my divorce. He had me read “Saying No Without Feeling Guilty,” a book I now recommend frequently, especially to women. We …

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Vegan nicoise salad

Why is the GMO / organic movement so confusing?

Reading Time: 4 minutes I get it, believe me. We live in a country that’s built on Capitalism. As potentially appealing as that seems, it’s come to mean our food and sick-care industries make hand-over-fist by confusing us. While there are always 2 sides to every story and I like to believe GMO’s were originally meant as an altruistic endeavour, …

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Portioning Made Easy (I swear!)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If I had to list the most valuable piece of information I’ve learned from the No Meat Athlete, it’s the beauty of formulas… especially when it comes to simplifying health!

My White Blood Cell Nurses

Reading Time: 3 minutes This morning’s meditation involved a journey through my immune system. Ever done that? Keep reading, and I’ll explain the process… I’ve managed to come down with a cold of some sort, and I have a lil trick I use for expediting the healing process. I haven’t had to use it in quite some time luckily, …

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Wellness First During the Holidays

Reading Time: 4 minutes BEFORE the most hectic part of the holiday season begins, start a breathing or mindfulness practice. I found two wonderful gurus during my cheffing days at Golden Sparrow, who are experts in mindfulness and have taught me the importance of quieting the mind – just in their presence. One is Dr. Michael Hynes, who is …

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P.S.A. (or Public Service Update!?!)

Reading Time: 5 minutes First, a moment of gratitude for you. I never could have imagined the outpouring of love since I announced my departure, nor the feedback I’ve gotten from friends about how I’ve helped them on their journey. Some are private clients, some are clients of Golden Sparrow, and some are people I’ve met thru the years …

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And Then I Made The Offer…

Reading Time: 9 minutes For the last two years, my husband Rob and I have been looking to move off of Long Island. We’re not used to being in the same place or job for too long – it seems a decade is our max on anything. When you combine two creative people with LOTS of goals, ambitions, drive, …

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