10 Tips to Aid Our Planet

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the past decade, I’ve taught in yoga studios, libraries, natural food markets, and adult education districts. While I cover topics like nutrition, skincare, chakra balancing, and mindfulness, there’s one underlying theme: reducing our footprint on our planet.

It’s the root of everything I do (pun intended).

Here are my student’s Top-10 Tips to living a more sustainable life:

January Events

Reading Time: 2 minutes January Events and links for more details (Compassion Kickoff): As we enter the year of 2015, I pledge to be more compassionate to all beings…I challenge you to do the same!  We have a great lineup of events planned, to explain the different aspects of Compassion.  As always, these workshops are based on “Education, not …

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8 Principles of Food and Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes You can no longer blame your body fat on your parents. You learned their food habits, but genetics are not the problem. Research in genetics vs epigenetics shows lifestyle is responsible for 95% of gene expression. Your genes are responsible for only 5% of diseases.

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