Cold, Hard Truth (With Love)

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I say this softly and with empathy, because these 3 limiting and false beliefs hurt so many people:

    1. You can’t out exercise a poor diet any more than you can outperform/create success with limiting thoughts. I don’t care how much you exercise, nor how active you are (there is a difference)—it’s easier and healthier to lose fat by eating whole foods, plant-based, and limiting fats. This lifestyle is the only one that’s scientifically proven to reverse and prevent disease in humans.

      That last sentence is important: most studies are too short, don’t consider lifestyle, and are performed on animals… the old analogy of comparing apples to oranges.

    2. You can’t avoid plant foods and disease while feeling vibrant. While it may work in the short term, like all DIEts, the payment comes due. When people fall off crash DIEts, they gain weight faster, alter their gut health for the worse, and increase the risk of disease.
    3. So here you are, confused about what to eat, when to eat it, starving, yet gaining weight or getting sicker by the year. “Getting old sucks!” “I’m over _____, so this is just what happens at my age. Everything falls apart as you age.”

      This is a terrible lie, my friend. Not everyone thinks it sucks to age (some of us love it, because of the wisdom that comes along with it, and learning more about your body!).

      Our body breaks down because of imbalances, not because of age. When our body can no longer handle a stressor, it sends an alarm to get your attention. You can only ignore it for so long…

      You determine how fast you pick up on the cues or how long you ignore them. Age is irrelevant. If it were “the issue,” all elderly would be sick and frail—and young people wouldn’t experience aging issues. Age is not the factor.

      I’m not saying that aging doesn’t create certain obstacles: our digestion weakens, our muscles aren’t built as fast or easily; it’s harder to absorb nutrients. This is why you work with someone who understands what you’re facing BEFORE you get there.


Remember that old cliché? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


There’s a lot of REALLY good sounding, horrible advice out there. Most of it’s based on animal research, not humans—last time I checked, we don’t eat or live like rats, so their responses are inaccurate. Never mind the unethical aspect of it, which I’ll just put a pin in… animals aren’t here for us to breed and kill at will.

Or better yet, the research is based on people making thousands by selling you supplements and programs to combat the issues their DIEts cause. “Don’t eat these veggies, beans, soy, wheat…” (which contain fiber, phytochemicals, and other nutrients), “but hey, I’ve got this supplement of fiber, phytochemicals, and other nutrient that I sell.”

Which your body doesn’t recognize and use as well as it does in the veggies, beans, soy, wheat, etc. Yes, there is a place for supplementation. But as I discuss in Transformation 101, you need to understand HOW to supplement before you do it. You’ll need to time them with each other, take a high-quality version, and look into specific variations (methylcobalamin vs cyanocobalamin, for starters).

The worst part about most fad DIEts is that the food is boring, confusing, costly, and you have ZERO interest in it. Ya almost WANNA to get off the DIEt, because the food isn’t appealing.

And maybe you don’t even know you have the wrong information—how do you google what you don’t know to google? How do you solve a problem you don’t even know you have?

I’ll help you with that over the next few months, if you’re willing… I give you the tools I’d need to start all over again, when I was 24, morbidly obese, suffering from multiple health issues.

I don’t want any of this for you, your friends, or family. Have you ever lost a loved one to diseases, all because they wouldn’t change their lifestyle? Have doctors handed you a diagnosis you want to reverse, and don’t know where to start? Are you, a friend, or family just curious about the hype behind the “plant-based food trend?”

If you or anyone you know wants to:

  • make better food choices
  • spend less on food, so there’s more for other fun or retirement
  • make some basic plant-based dishes, using plant-based protein foods you may not be familiar with yet
  • create a few sample menus
  • adjust meals to your personal tastes, offering substitutions you and your family will love
  • discover how to eat MORE, so you lose weight and get the nutrients your body needs for optimal health
  • eat without counting points, macros, or calories

I’m here to help. But I’m not for everyone.


I work with people who need to lose 10+ pounds and will give a plant-based lifestyle a chance. (Plant-based means no meat of any kind… we discuss dairy and eggs during our initial call.) The people I work with usually have one or more health concerns, often controlled by medication(s). And they usually have a respect and love for Nature, even if it’s just caring for house plants.

If you’re ready to create a new life and don’t know where to start, let’s talk. And if you’re not ready, please pass this along to anyone you know who may BE ready to make a change. You may save a life or two…

I don’t just work with your food choices, because there are plenty of resources for that… I work with your brain, hormones, health conditions, and activity level. I work with Nature, avoiding trends and supplements as much as possible. I’m a plant-based chef for 14 years, as of 2022—I understand healthy food needs to taste good, and I know how to make that happen.

Together, we’ll work with the cycle of the planet: the season of your life and Nature; the days of the week; the hours of the day. These cycles matter…

I know it sounds woo-woo, but I promise it’s not… not completely, anyway. I love science, human biology, and physiology, not just the woo-woo shtuff.

Most important, I love you, dear Seedling. I mean that. You’ve trusted me with your time in classes, you’ve given me your energy in direct messages, and by giving me your time each week. I don’t take that lightly.

I call people living vibrant lives “Lively Gardeners.” You deserve that vibrant life, without all the confusion and micromanaging. Take that first step and apply for your no-cost, no obligation first call.


Yours in Health,


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