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Big (Counterintuitive) Idea: Western Medicine will repair you. (Doctor: To repair, esp. in a makeshift manner.) To falsify or change. To add ingredients to. Synonym: fake, falsify, administer, bias, contaminate, cure, fix.

Truth is YOU need to be your own doctor and I can guide you towards your goal. You’ll find your highest level of health WITHOUT medical advice. I offer courses on nutrition, herbs, mindfulness, Eastern philosophies, and living vibrant in our western culture. These are the most important aspects of healing I’ve found in 20+ years of research and the information I used to heal myself, while also assisting my terminal mother through her own health conditions. You don’t need a doctor’s approval or permission. In fact, you probably won’t get it (and I’ll explain why in the next 5 lessons).

Who Made You an Expert!?! (1 of 4)

What Can You Change? (2 of 4)

How Will You Do It? And Some Bad News (3 of 4)

To Do This, You Need to Know… (4 of 4)

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Alicia Alicia Author

I’m an urban girl from the south with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness. I'm also a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Elder Greenfire WiseWoman. I’ve spent over 20 years researching natural and alternative forms of healing, watching trends come and go. 20+ years of research have led me to stick with tried, true, and more logical, scientific remedies. My mission, or calling, is to help people cut through all of the confusion they see and hear about being healthy. I do this because of my own experiences of loss and confusion. I want people to be able to do what I do—get the diagnosis from western medicine, and responsibly follow a Holistic and natural, sensical and empowered existence.

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Who Made You an Expert!?! (1 of 4)

What Can You Change? (2 of 4)

Doctor: To repair, esp. in a makeshift manner. To falsify or change. To add ingredients to. Synonym: fake, falsify, administer, bias, contaminate, cure, fix.

You have to know what to look for in marketing. You want facts, not fads. You need to have the ability to quickly discern what’s clever marketing and what’s just BS. You need to learn the truth.

A recap from my previous post/email:

I became fascinated with alternative healing in my early 20s. My mother was sick and western medicine gave us conflicting rules for her care. I knew there was a better way of healing her and myself. I don’t know how I knew—I just knew. I didn’t have friends into it; I wasn’t exposed to it in college; my family, though hippie-esque, never mentioned herbs or alternative healing.

In the early 90s, I took yoga classes offered at my corporate job. I was obese, nearing 200 pounds. Yoga was difficult because of my oversized core. I had a decade-old shoulder injury from a bicycle accident limiting movement in my left arm. I knew yoga could help me lose the weight and regain a full range of motion.

I had various health problems as a result of my weight; my heart fluttered though an EKG showed no abnormality; I had acid reflux, and hypothyroidism. I had always been a thin and active child—Corporate America fattens more than just your wallet. My doctor only said to decrease my 1 cup of coffee and mentioned nothing about the rest of my diet. Actually, he never asked about it (and he was a wonderful physician!).

As I began lifestyle changes of jogging, trendy DIEts, lifting weights, Tae Bo, and practicing yoga, the weight came off. My doctor put me on medications and I learned what foods were best for MY body, which exercises I enjoyed, and what herbs to take. I started eating seaweed, realizing I needed iodine.

I’ve had no serious health problems since my 20s. When I suffered from kidney stones in 2007 & 2008, I cured them with acupuncture, spiritual practices, diet, and herbs. Given my post-grad research, I refused all medication and treatment options from western medicine. After all, they misdiagnosed my stones in the first place, so I wasn’t very trusting of their skills!

Now that you know what I’ve changed, what can you change? What are your current challenges? How can you treat them and live vibrantly in less time than it took me?

How Will You Do It? (3 of 4)

And Some Bad News

Just because your doctor feels they don’t need to learn about this vital connection doesn’t mean YOU have to feel that way.
Remember, both my mother and I felt helpless to her health conditions; we were confused by the lack of nutritional guidance her doctors gave us, as well as the loads of medication she was on. When they sent her home with a script for morphine and hospice, I knew I’d lost the battle for her.
You don’t have to have the same outcome.
The steps you need to take to get from A to E are:
• Determine the cause of your (mental, physical, emotional) ailment
• Decide your goal
• Declare what steps you need to take
• Plot a course to success
• Eliminate distractions; remove people or things that sabotage your desire
• Take small steps daily
• Get a support system (or create one)
• Reassess your progress weekly or monthly
• Get back on the horse when you fall off of it (we all do… it’s normal)
Keep in mind, wellness isn’t an immediate process. No one goes off-course overnight, but healing happens faster than dis-ease. I don’t promise you overnight results. It’s as unethical as self-proclaimed gurus who claim you can make millions quick and easy. Even medication doesn’t have immediate results in most cases.
There are common mistakes we make when we set on a course to wellness:
• Expecting overnight results
• Believing claims of a one-size-fits-all approach
I promise I can help you get from A to E in less time than it took me!

To Do This, You Need to Know… (4 of 4)

Final Boarding Call

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