In case you didn't know, my husband and I started a side project together, called Food Flix Cinema (#FFC).  We've combined our love of movies and food (respectively), hosting monthly events at Cyrus: Chai & Coffee Company in Bay Shore.  We were fortunate enough to have an article published about it, just 4 months into our endeavor.  All of our event’s promotional materials include the tagline, “Re-imagining the TV Dinner Experience,” because that's our exact goal.  We both grew up in a TV dinner era, when Swanson's (aka Salt-son's?) was very popular...fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and apple pie.  You know the meals I'm talking about, don't you!?!'s now 2016,

and since we can't open a drive-in just yet, you always have the option for joining us at Cyrus!  This article will give you a bit more of a background, and a feel for what we do.  And if you're ever looking for this month's feature film (or want to prepay for next month's film), just click here.  We hope to see you soon, and give you a new idea for your next party, perhaps!


"In a world where Netflix makes for an easy and inexpensive “date night,” a husband-and-wife team from Islip is looking to offer a better alternative to the couch.

Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi is a chef who works in the realm of plant-based fare. She owns Pandora’s Lunchbox, a company that specializes in meal delivery and catering.

Her husband, Rob Lucchesi, is a tattoo artist, an amateur filmmaker, and a self-proclaimed 'huge movie fanatic.'"