Discover the Formula for Great Skin! (and 2 bonuses at the end!)

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Pillar 1 of my S.I.M.P.L.E. Method-Sensory Input


Want the magic formula for great skin? (Your ideal morning routine is at the end… )

Imagine this: you see friends after long hiatus, and they say you age in reverse. You know some of this is genetics—but your heritage only affects 5% of your traits.

Luckily, the 95% that you control is what matters the most… your lifestyle! Forget about “genetics,” since that’s out of your control (and that wee 5% doesn’t affect much of anything).  🤷‍♀️

Your glow comes from multiple things you do throughout the day—it’s not luck or good genes. Change your habits, diet, and lifestyle based on what you know about your body, and what we’ve learned through studying Ancient Wisdom (like Ayurveda). You can have this dream, even if it seems impossible right now…


Your current health conditions are 95% a reflection of your lifestyle, also known as the study of epigenetics.

We can change this if we don’t like what we see or feel!


If you want to understand how crucial sensory input is (and why it’s the 1st pillar of my S.I.M.P.L.E. method), I explain it in a link below. Believe me, you don’t want to skip this, especially if you’re suffering in any way.


Our external health is partly internal habits, partly external ones. Eat well, demand sleep for a minimum of 7 hours, drink lots of water, get LOTS of sunshine, and use organic skincare.


You and I know these things intuitively, but the very last part comes with a caveat: organic skincare doesn’t mean soap. I’ll explain why with a brief story of how I accidentally stumbled on this concept.


I have sensitive skin, like a lot of fair-skinned Northern Europeans. I also have a mild autoimmune skin and scalp condition that causes my skin to over produce oil. (At its worst, I refused to leave the house and cancelled events and missed work—it was that bad.)


When I learned soap dries out your skin and creates an over-production of oil, I immediately quit face soap. Yes, you can moisturize to offset the dryness, but why add a step and more chemicals? We can just remove the initial irritant!


That’s Ancient Wisdom in action.


This is contrary to almost everything you see in clever marketing, right!? They sell you a moisturizer for that dry skin and call it a day. Yes, a lot of soaps claim they moisturize while they clean, but do you really believe those marketing claims… does it seem to work for you!?


Because that’s the goal, right? Making sure it works for you.


So, I stopped washing my face with soap almost a decade ago. I work outside, sweat a lot, and get very dirty because I handle plants all day. 🌿


“Wait… what!?! You don’t wash your face? Ew” 😱🤦‍♀️ I know it may seem gross, but hear me out…

Removing the irritant and using a face oil wash helped reduce the issues I had with my skin, as did switching to the most amazing shampoo and conditioner EVER. I now get to keep the natural oils on my face, along with healthy microbes from working with plants and dirt. (Microbes are a rabbit hole I won’t go down… but if you’re interested in discovering more about the importance of dirt and germs, read “I Contain Multitudes,” by Ed Young.)


To recap, the formula for great skin is: eat well, get 7 hours of sleep, stay hydrated with plain ol’ water, get LOTS of sunshine without chemical sunscreens, and use organic skincare (preferably not face soap).


All this helps your skin stay soft, improves your immune system, and helps your body stay in balance. Plus, the smell from slathering essential oils on your face is relaxing, yet invigorating. Ahh…


Is this resonating with you? If so, here’s the solution: make a face wash oil by mixing a few drops of oil-reducing essential oils with shea nut oil. This is a concoction of ingredients you rub vigorously on your face. It smells and feels delicious! (And I’m giving away my version next week to 2 lucky folks, so stay tuned for a special offer!)


For now, here’s the perfect morning routine for you… really imagine how this morning FEELS when you read this!


And here’s how crucial sensory input is, if you’re suffering in any way…



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