Do You Suffer From Confirmation Bias?

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If you don’t like the events of the last 5 months, NOW is the time to make adjustments.

  1. How are you feeling about the future?
  2. What projects are you working on, or what did you accomplish during C-19 lockdown?
  3. What challenges are you having?
  4. How can I help you?

While I saw a few shifts in business or new businesses, it appears most people stayed in panic mode and fell victim to mainstream media confusion. If C-19 wasn’t confusing enough, research data is constantly ignored, censored, or altered. Unfortunately, this left most people helpless to government control while our constitutional rights are stripped away, one by one.

It’s not to late to get back on track with your health and goals… in fact, until you take your last breath, it’s never too late. Remember what you’re fighting for and why it’s important. Take one step today towards your big, hairy, scary goal. If it doesn’t seem scary and impossible, set your goal higher until it does seem impossible.

Lemme know what you, your friends or family need most!

I’ve been silent with emails over the last few months and posted even less on social media. With all the noise and chaos, I felt it best to eliminate some background noise. I buried my nose in reading, researching, and listening to podcasts. (My job was perfect for podcasts and webinars…) I also picked up my childhood hobby of latch hook for extra relaxation.

Like many of you, I’m an essential worker and remained employed through the pandemic. And yes, in the beginning, it was terrifying. I never opted for unemployment nor the Corona Cash or Trump Bucks (as we call them), though I understand why some people chose the safer route. Some people had no choice—for those who fell through the cracks of unemployment and government riff raff, I am truly sorry. I understand what it’s like to deal with the unemployment board and an involuntary loss of income.

I’ve learned a lot during this pandemic—some lessons were less than “savory.” Here are a few thoughts as we continue into this new era.

Just remember… Humankind has suffered through disease and famine before now. We are equipped to handle this if we have the right tools.


Make your dreams bigger than the drama


On 3/18, I started seeing a bald eagle on my morning commutes. She had twigs in her beak each time, building a nest for eggs she’d soon lay. The sight of Nature building as our country was closing gave me a reason to reflect on the message: keep building. The wildlife are unaware of pandemics, fabricated reports, riots in faraway cities, or movements of extreme propaganda. They just keep building.

Most often, wildlife have more offspring than “needed,” just in case. Just in case a predator eats them; just in case a human hunts them; just in case they’re hit by a car; just in case there’s a disease.

Without external influences of the media or other forms of drama, the eagle continued building. It gave me hope and realigned my focus. Build… this is all temporary. Boost your health more than ever, because the next pandemic may not be this simple.

I continued thinking about the future and the solution to the temporary pain humanity is facing:

  • We are not prepared for a worldwide health crisis. Our comorbidities are staggering, and our finances are a mess. We don’t know what our “normal” body feels like, so how do we know if warmth is a hot flash or fever? How do we know the headache isn’t from seasonal allergies? Is your coughing and shortness of breath normal asthma or a symptom of the virus?
  • We can survive with less than we think. Despite the hoarding we saw (or in spite of it), it’s clear we can survive on less “stuff.” I hope you learned to make do with less and if not, why?
  • We’re easily distracted unless we have bigger goals than what’s on the news or social media (SM). As I mentioned, I avoided SM and most emails for the past 5 months. Unless an email was a trusted source on boosting my immunity, building financial stability or a business, or offered an alternative viewpoint to what coworkers were discussing (AKA translating the news for me), I avoided external contact. I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor superhuman. I just know the negative effects of following the corrupted agenda of mainstream media.
  • Progressive businesses always find alternate and new ways to share and connect with their tribes. I’ve seen incredible changes in business structures of friends, and new businesses emerge. To all of you making waves and moving forward, thank you. <3
  • Society is a fragile illusion. This is an unsavory lesson I’ve accepted over the last few months. We’re watching as humanity collapses in front of us. We’re a nation of Karen’s and SM platforms censoring alternative, valid scientific evidence. As I heard today, when have you ever heard of a drug becoming as controversial as Hydroxychloroquine?

    I’ve studied science and natural healing for over 20 years. I’ve never seen a single drug have such controversy; nor a nation so divided about whether we should open schools, wear masks, defund police, social distance, open businesses, or focus on race this much. I never imagined gyms and fitness studios would have to risk fines for doing their job of keeping us healthy. #DeFundTheMedia

To quote a favorite song by Consolidated, “The history of oppression. You know we can’t erase it in a pop song, but the facts we gotta face it. Men rape women and man rapes the environment. And people with opposed religious views are violent. How can we advance with a memory so short? We live in a society that kills animals for sport. And how can we discuss gender, class, or race, when we can’t respect the rights of lesbians and gays?”


Don’t fall in the trap of confirmation bias


Challenge yourself to listen to views that differ from yours. It’s unpleasant at times, but if you want to learn to discern fact from fad, this is the first step. Swap out the time spent on SM for new podcasts or health webinars. Switch media channels, if you must watch the news. Scale back your news viewing to once a day, once a week, or <gasp> never. Believe only some of what you see…


In closing, you can’t fight for freedom of others until you’re free


Free of distractions…

Free of drama…

Free of fear…

Free of negativity…

Free of baggage…

Free of hate…

Free of guilt…

Free of dis-ease (of mind, body, spirit)…

Here’s the last email I sent. How do your past 5 months compare to the future offered in this email?

Yours in health and freedom,


What are your thoughts?

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