Do You Wanna Pay More for Insurance?

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The truth is, you pay more when you’re not paying attention. Some people prey on us by keeping us distracted.

I spent 10+ years in the insurance industry. Whether it’s health, home, or auto, there’s one thing few people understand:


Doesn’t sound fair, does it? You file 1 claim and your rates increase. You scream because you put in money month after month, thinking you have your own private pool of funds for the company to use on you alone.

Yet that’s not how the industry works. It’s a business after all, and profits keep companies in business. If you suffer an enormous loss, odds are you haven’t paid the insurance company enough to pay for your damages… so they take it from other individuals and raise ALL rates to compensate.

  • If a state has high auto accident rates, the pool for everyone increases.
  • If a health insurance insures a lot of sick people, rates increase.
  • If you’re in a state with lots of hurricanes, your flood insurance is expensive and possibly mandatory.
  • If you’re too much of a risk, you’re moved into a separate insurance pool altogether.

That’s just how it is.

Problem is, it’s not an ideal system, though I understand why it’s built as it is.

What makes NO sense is why many suffer for the mistakes of a few. If you’re not OK with that either, put your immune system first. Take small steps to build your health.

Stop putting your life in the hands of corrupt government and media.

Start researching the truth about health, not just today’s trendy “eat this, don’t eat that” fad. Trust me, the Powers that Be are perfectly fine with you believing the propaganda. The truth is often censored on SM platforms—it’s why you MUST subscribe to health professionals and experts who send emails/newsletters.

I’m not OK trading freedom for those who willingly neglect their own health and the gift of life that’s so precious. And I’m certainly not OK trading my freedom for lies and agendas. I spend 8+ hours each week researching health and the truth behind what people see on the media (I don’t watch any of that crap, but I hear plenty about it!).

Remember, I lost my parents when they were only 47 and 49… I know how broken the system is and how facts are manipulated as needed.

It’s 100% unscientific to present only one side of an argument. And completely unfair.

Ignorance is anything but bliss. You deserve better. You don’t deserve to suffer for the mistakes of others. Let’s move towards empowerment.


What are your thoughts?

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