♥ Are you looking for more information about the Foundations of Yoga?

♥ Are you looking for interactive support, during your New Year’s health resolution?

♥ Would you like new recipes, meal plans, cooking tips, and plant-based health information?

♥ Would you like to use your breath to influence your mind and body?

Join Samantha Buser, 200-RYT and Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, M.A., C.L.O., for a 90-day program that is guaranteed to change how you feel about yourself how you integrate your Mind, Body & Spirit!  In our 3-month plan, you’ll have access to:

  • ♥ 6 interactive workshops
  • ♥ Food journals are required. Each participant receives weekly individual feedback (per tier level)
  • ♥ 12 yoga sessions/1 per week
  • ♥ One monthly special workshop (Platinum Tier only) –(2 cooking classes, 1 grocery store trip)
  • ♥ Discount on Pandora’s Lunchbox plant-based meal delivery service
  • ♥ Please note there is a minimum requirement to run this program – RSVP today by emailing alicia@pandorasproducts.net or calling/texting 631-889-3471!


Silver Gold** Platinum
6 workshops- 50 minutes each
Weekly feedback for food journals Email only √ (10min call) √ (20min call)
Yoga classes - 12 total
Special Workshops - 3 total 
Recipes and meal plan ideas √ (meal plan only) √ (recipes & meal plans)
VALUE (3-month investment) $380 $710 $1040
COST (3-month investment) $250 $345 $645


Payment options

A) pay in full

B) 2 equal installments (50% due at enrollment, remaining balance due 6 weeks after)

Monthly Content Breakdown (location: LI Ninjutsu Centers of East Islip, East Islip NY 11751)

  • ♥ February 26: yoga class & nutrition workshop 6-8 pm
  • ♥ March 4 & 18: yoga class 6-7 pm
  • ♥ March (date TBD by participants): grocery store tour workshop. (4) weekly support sessions are also included in this month’s activities
  • ♥ March 11 & 25: yoga class & nutrition workshop 6-8 pm
  • ♥ April 1, 15, 29: yoga classes 6-7 pm
  • ♥ April (location & date TBD by participants needs): cooking class. (5) weekly support sessions are also included in this month’s activities
  • ♥ April 8 & 22: yoga class & nutrition workshop 6-8 pm
  • ♥ May 6: yoga class 6-7 pm
  • ♥ May 13: yoga class & nutrition workshop 6-8 pm
  • ♥ May (location & date TBD by participants needs): cooking class. (4) weekly support sessions are also included in this month’s activities

Yoga Foundations Series (Fri evening, 6-7, hosted by Samantha Buser, 200-RYT)

Whether you are new to yoga or have some experience, this series will help you along your journey to better health and mindfulness. You will learn how to use your breath to influence your mind and body as well as a deep body awareness with a special emphasis on alignment and strength.  We will not only be practicing yoga poses.  Each class will briefly introduce a concept such as breathing, intention, and balance so that you can lay a strong foundation for experiencing the deeper benefits of yoga as it has always been intended.  All levels of fitness and experience are welcome!

Have you always wanted to try yoga but are not sure where to begin? Do you or someone you know feel too intimidated to jump right into a public (group) yoga class? Do you already practice yoga but wish you had a stronger foundation from the beginning?

Throughout the series you will experience: how your breath is linked to your movements, a deeper awareness of your body, and greater internal focus and concentration. We will practice basic asanas (poses) with an emphasis on correct alignment and modifications that are appropriate for your body. We will not be practicing any poses that will put excessive weight on any of your major joints. We want everyone regardless of physical ability to feel comfortable. If you have a specific limitation, please discuss with Samantha beforehand. Yoga is so much more than the physical poses. We will explore yoga as the holistic experience that it was always intended to be.

• Questions throughout the class are welcome, making this a more interactive experience than more traditional classes.
• We require a minimum of five participants, but are also capping the class so that each person can receive some individualized attention.

Samantha has been practicing yoga for the past 12 years.  She is an RYT 200 level and a Certified Breast Cancer Yoga Instructor.  Samantha's experience ranges from beginning/intermediate asana to restorative yoga.   Whatever the population, Samantha believes that there are aspects of yoga that can help as a primary or alternative therapy for specific needs.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or corporate entrepreneur, fitness challenged or a seasoned athlete, yoga can move people from any walk of life towards growth and healing.

WORKSHOPS (alternating Fri evenings, 7-8, hosted by Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, M.A.,C.L.O.)

  • 1st – MONTHLY CHALLENGE ASSIGNED. Intro & explanation of program, BASICS of food planning/nutrients.
  • 2nd – my plate mandala drawing, snacks and healthier choices, portion control. Nutrient basics, serving sizes.
    • WORKSHOP: Grocery store tour
  • 3rd – MONTHLY CHALLENGE ASSIGNED. Reading and understanding labels. What it all means, talk about sugar types food substitutions. GMO’s and organics BASICS.
  • 4th – Food substitutions. Discuss favorite (trigger) foods and set up a new association with healthier alternatives.
    • WORKSHOP: Cooking class-focuses on Zen cooking and low-cost meals (location TBD by participants…rotating homes or Riverhead)
  • 5th – MONTHLY CHALLENGE ASSIGNED. Shopping for food: making lists, prepping food, cleaning out pantry ex: salad dressings.
  • 6th – tips for eating out, making healthier choices, clever marketing tricks by the food industry
    • WORKSHOP: Cooking class focuses on herbs, pantry, and trying new foods (location TBD by participants…rotating homes or Riverhead)