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Self Care for 2020-21

Newport RSU 266 Williams Road, Newport

Pandorable Wellness... the 20/20 vision I have for you... (still in 2021!) I've partnered with the Newport RSU again, this time offering online classes! Now, no matter what your schedule is, or what the weather forecast shows, you can still enjoy wellness. Choose any or all the classes below and register with the RSU19 district—it's …

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Mindfulness 101

Zoom Online

We have the power to avoid all the negativity on the news, social media, and advertising distractions. We can avoid feeling overwhelmed and become a beacon of hope without a lot of work. How can you make mindfulness a daily practice in your hectic life? Repetition is how we form habits, whether good or bad. Mindfulness is no different. We’ll discuss gaining control of your life with ease and will practice a simple 5-minute meditation.


Herbal Basics

Zoom Online

What many people consider weeds are actually quite healing! This class will introduce you to herbal medicine—learn about 6 common herbs that may be growing in your yard that are great for relaxation. We'll also discuss information on the importance of incorporating herbs into our daily routines and how to safely ingest them.


Elements of Ayurveda (Ayurveda 101)

Zoom Online

Ayurveda is “the science of life” that honors us as the individuals we are. Forget counting calories, avoiding 90% of Nature’s crops, and Yo-Yo dieting. We’ll discover balance in food, exercise, and senses.

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