Fall Equinox in Western Maine

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Summer here was unseasonably hot, from what we heard. Temps were often in the high 80’s, which meant the mid-90’s (I learned very quickly that the weather app was usually 5 degrees cooler than reality). Needless to say, a summer of working outside proved quite painful at times!

When I went inside to teach session 2 of the Transformation 101 course in Dover-Foxcroft on 9/19, it had been in the 80’s all day. A little rain and a rainbow greet me for my 2-hour course that evening. When we left that evening, the temp had dropped 20 degrees (that’s not too uncommon here from what we’ve noticed. The day/night temps are drastically different, which makes summer evenings even more delicious than what we’ve experienced in previous locations). The temp hasn’t gone above 72 since that day, thankfully…

Luckily for us, this means our anniversary on the Fall Equinox was the temp we love and expect for fall. It was as if Mother Nature had her own alarm clock and wanted to be rid of summer as much as most of us here did.

Summer here is (as expected) much busier than any other season – tourists are here to explore nature. Maine boasts more trees than it does human beings, so it’s obvious why this is an amazing destination spot. Living near the 2nd-highest populated city in Maine, we had a good feel for how different summer is when it comes to the number of people. Quite frankly, we didn’t do too much exploring for that very reason.

An anniversary is a great reason to get out and explore, even if it does fall a couple of weeks before the leaf-peeping season. We found an Air BnB on a pond and booked it without doing much research (we fare well with following our instincts, so it wasn’t a surprise when the location was perfect).

Western Maine is home to some of the most amazing mountains and geography I’ve ever seen, comparable to my years spent in Western North Carolina. Since it’s been a few months since I’ve sent an update on the landscape of this beautiful state, I thought I’d take this time to share a few pics from our anniversary weekend with you. These are a few photos from the Greenwood/Newry, Maine area – a stretch of glacial magic called Grafton Notch State Park. Note: it’s only 3 of the sections on the outskirts of this beautiful park, so there will be more exploring and pics for you to see at a later date.

Screw Auger Falls (stop #1)

Mother Walker Falls (stop #2)

Moose Cave (stop #3) – I could spend an entire day here!

South Pond in Greenwood (the dock outside of our Air BnB)

THIS is the perk for waking up as early as we do, typically between 4:30-5 a.m.!

If you’ve yet to visit Maine, join us for the fall/winter season! If you love nature, this is the place to experience it…<3


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