Hope, Grace, Ancient Wisdom

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Life’s short.

I moved a lot as a youngster—from kindergarten to the time I bought my house after college (17 years), I moved 14 times. My husband and I have moved 7 times in the last 16 years of being together. Humans are nomads by nature, so it doesn’t bother us. As an adult, every move is a step up and never a step backwards. That’s evolution.

Whether it’s the countless moves I’ve made and friends lost along the way, or the experience of losing all family members before I was 40, one thing is clear…

Life’s short.

Don’t put off big changes you wish to make. Procrastinate procrastinating on that new project. Step outside of your comfort zone. Be vulnerable and authentic to your friends. Fight for what you love, even if it’s not mainstream. Stop making excuses about why you “can’t do that.” (Whatever that is.)

Move if you don’t like where you are. Get yourself out of debt if you’re in over your head. Watch what you eat. Stop letting creditors, the food industry, and the health industry control your mind, body, spirit. Get healthy for your family and inspire your friends. Everyone’s watching, whether or not you know it; you’re already a role model. How are you showing up every day?

Be that ray of sunshine and make someone’s day brighter. Make a difference while you can.

Life’s short.

What are your thoughts?

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