How Nature Guides

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A few weeks ago, I shared how my experience in a nursery in Maine transformed me… I understood the messages of Nature like never before.


Nature ALWAYS gives us clues. Whether you pull cards from wildlife decks, see the same animals or insects again and again, or something stings or bites you—She’s speaking to you.


For months, I’ve tried to identify a bird in the woods behind us. A falcon? Osprey? Hawk? What could it be? 🤔


In reading an “unrelated” article about the Hermit Thrush 3 weeks ago (one of the most beautiful songbirds Nature created), I saw a comment that the Merlin bird app can identify songs of birds…


Filed that comment away for a distant future.


Since we’re up at 4:30 am, I sit with the sliding door open so our cat can enjoy the scenery. I began hearing a screeching noise, repeated every morning around the same time. I remembered that 3-week-old-filed-away comment and grabbed my phone. “app open, record.”


The bird stopped. Silence. Over. Grrr… missed opportunity. (Nature has a sense of humor akin to my father, which always makes me chuckle.)


But as Rob will tell you, I obsess over Nature. Sometimes to my own peril, but usually not. I kept opening that door daily, waiting. The screech came again, and I grabbed my phone. 2 birds were calling, 2 different suggestions, and I had to choose: catbird or Coopers Hawk? I chose the Coopers hawk, because I know the catbird sound (thanks, Lindsay!). But what if I just wanted it to be the hawk, and it wasn’t!? The message of a hawk is way cooler than a catbird!


I waited 5 minutes and caught his voice again. It was official… the “life list Coopers hawk.” I grabbed my Medicine Cards book, tying the spiritual message to what I knew about the birds’ earthly habits:

  • Do I have power I’m not using?
  • Magic imbues power to overcome currently stressful or difficult situations
  • Life is the initiation
  • What am I not seeing? (In this case, hearing, because nature was speaking, not showing)
  • How do I perceive, receive, use my abilities?
  • Stalks feeders for prey
  • Catches prey by soaring

I sat in silence for 33 minutes, July 17, journaling those questions, analyzing how that applies to my life. I saved a pic of that journal page to my phone, to ask those questions daily—at work, at home, before bed, during my morning self-hypnosis.

The week prior to my silence practice, I watched a yellow butterfly fly low at work, land on concrete, appearing to drink water from the parking lot. Confused? Sick? What was going on with him?


I brought it plants, let it crawl on me, placing it on various flowers. Nothing. I realized he was dying, so I moved him where he wouldn’t get run over by a car. When I returned 5 minutes later, he’d passed. I picked him up and moved him to the grass in a spot where I knew my resident crow children often dug for bugs.


A short while later, I saw them land, and one picked up my gift to them.


The cycle of life was complete. Death brought about sustained life… but talk about an emotional roller coaster. 😢

The week after my silence practice, I sprayed my veggies and herbs for bugs (yes, an organic spray) … as I sprayed the parsley, I saw unusual larvae. I grabbed my phone and texted my boss, “are these the lil’ guys you raise?” When she said yes, I asked what it was.


Larvae of the swallowtail. 11 of them, to be exact. Yellow, the color all around me lately (note the Hawk’s eye color). Power, 3rd Chakra, ki/chi, the seat of intuition and gut feelings. POWER… exactly what the hawk was screeching to me.


I washed off the pesticide residue I’d used, in case it affected them. Luckily, I’d missed 95% of the parsley and report all larvae are alive and growing rapidly!


The very butterfly who’d died a week earlier was now in the beginning stages of rebirth. They’ll soon cocoon, and I’ll release them. My boss is coaching me thru midwifing their birth… an interesting and slightly fearful process for someone with no kids…


So many metaphors in this story, so little time to point them all out… here are a few:

  • Power
  • Death
  • Cycles
  • Rebirth
  • Cocoon
  • Transform
  • Freedom

This is how Nature guides… She often speaks in metaphors, one of my favorite languages.

I planned on giving the plant and larvae to my boss to care for—I don’t really have time for that right now. But Nature does the work, right? And the hawk told me to pay attention to the nuances around me.


I need to stay present for my 11 children.


They were given to me, not her. I was charged with their care, so I surrendered to that. I bought a tent for them to cocoon in, lots of parsley for their feeding, and I know to let their wings dry before they fly off…


My friends, THESE are the gifts Nature gives you daily. Words, images, and insights, if we’re only open to receiving… this is Ancient Wisdom.


Sometimes the answer isn’t a straight path and requires questions and patience. And especially silence. Who knew a hawk would lead me to butterflies!?


The All/Divine/Universe, that’s who.


Allow Nature to guide you. Be Her steward. Listen to the nuances she passes to you.

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