How Outdated DIEtary Trends Kill Us

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Last week, I explained how our medical and media industries mislead you about diabetes and many other diseases. They lead you to believe there’s no cure, and you must therefore watch carbs and take medication for ailments.

If this were true, hundreds of thousands wouldn’t heal health conditions and lose weight with the Forks Over Knives or Mastering Diabetes programs; Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Bernard, Dr. Bulsiewicz, and Dr. Ornish’s programs; or with Flipping 50 (a menopause program) and many other carb-promoting diets.


Watching carbs is an outdated trend that leads to multiple health issues, especially intestinal—and that’s where our happiness hormones and immune system live.


Studies on our paleo ancestors confirmed we’ve always eaten high-carbohydrate diets and, yes, small amounts of fat. Confusion with all the fad DIEts and confusing protocols leads to one outcome: weight gain with health conditions and the reliance on BigPharma for a cure.  

I call BigPharma a membership program. Once you’re in their cycle, it’s hard to get out—they want you as a lifelong member, dependent on their drugs, even if the drugs kill you. Any time spent watching TV tells you how much they push the agenda on you, as if you can’t heal yourself. Medications aren’t meant to heal and no Dr. will tell you they will. I’m not talking about antibiotics, which are a whole different issue, and often solve a bacterial problem.

Medications ease symptoms, at best. At worst, well… read the inserts that come with those pills, and understand the associated risks… it’s known as informed consent. Risk versus benefit.

Medication keeps you reliant on an external system that costs thousands and takes an enormous amount of time and mental/emotional energy. Never mind begging for refills, changing insurance to keep your Dr. or benefits, getting information from your Dr. timely, fighting denied claims, or 1-, 3-, or 6-month routine visits for bloodwork and refills. It’s a system built on a belief that you can’t heal without the drugs and doctors.

This is a HUGE lie. Your mind and body heal without your involvement. All by themselves. Your body heals every time you cut yourself without you getting too involved. It kills cancer cells while you sleep, and detoxes your brain at the same time. You just have to remember there’s something inside of you that heals itself when it’s allowed to do so.

You just have to set up the proper environment for this to happen: listen to your senses, follow your intuition, move your body constantly but gently, eat and drink plants and herbs, experience and give deep love, and explore and follow your passions and purpose.

I don’t want you dependent on the system, which is why I give you tips on healthy eating and holistic wellness. Remember, I lost my family by the time I was 28. I’ve worked in hospitals for surgeons and as a dietary aide in a hospital kitchen (that is NOT food you want to heal, by the way!). As a quality analyst and trainer, I worked for insurance companies, working in claims, underwriting, and customer service.

I’ve also worked for chiropractors and organic food markets… what a difference in the mindset between these two realms.

Because I’ve seen expensive trends on both ends of the spectrum, I choose the middle path with healing. I believe there’s truth on both sides (medical and natural), and I know both serve a purpose. I also know it’s rather pricey to live 100% organic, free-range, and sustainable (whatever that trendy word even means anymore).

You don’t have to spend almost $300 on groceries, as a dear friend recently shared with me. With rising gas and food costs, it’s certainly not the way to save for your future—and I am DEEPLY committed to helping my one-on-one clients live long and prosperous lives!

How do you create healthy meal plans you’ll enjoy?


First, understand your health is in your hands and is your responsibility. I understand in the beginning, it’s easier to have someone else create a meal plan for you. It gives you a sense of security and confidence—I think we ALL need those training wheels, with the amount of worthless information out there.

But this is a temporary solution and not the big picture I have for you: a Lively Gardener creates their Nutritional Blueprint, so that it changes as your life does, whether those old meal plans are still In business or your income shifts up or down. You’re in control of your life and know how to adapt. Adaptation is the very reason humans are still on this planet.

It’s not sexy to understand carbs, fats, protein, and how the body works. Until you understand it—then you understand how sexy confidence is, and how food affects… yep, your sex life!

Second, when you focus on nutrient-dense fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes… when you significantly reduce oils, fats, and ultra-processed foods… your grocery bill AND WAISTLINE shrink.

Whether you make your own meal plan and grocery list, or let someone else handle it, there are cheaper ways to get healthy nutrients into your body. And that’s what I’m here to help you do—understand food, biology, immune function, and how to keep it affordable.

I created 3 guides for you to dispel myths about healthy living costing too much to sustain. One is my Nutritional Bang for Your Buck Guide™, another is my Staple Pantry List, and the other is my LG Plate™. All explain how to eat the most nutrient dense food for the least cost—you’ll find them under the Downloads Section here.

Empowerment isn’t found in counting calories, points, macros, or by focusing on a high-fat, low-carb DIEt. Nor is it found in giving your hard-earned money to marketers. Time and time again, these DIEts

  • cause people to lose weight and see improvement in blood markers, such as glucose levels
  • they then become tired of the rigid guidelines
  • or they feel left out of social gatherings
  • maybe there’s guilt around a forbidden food or
  • there’s a constant struggle of “I want it!” and “I can’t have it!”

Third, understand the dangers of the yo-yo DIEting for the big picture. Not only do you gain back the weight you lost AND MORE, but there’s some shame, right? “I fell off the wagon. Again. Of course! I have no willpower. I’m stuck with this…”

Wrong… and I’ll get to that in the next couple of weeks.

Creating meal plans you’ll enjoy is so simple, we overlook it: find foods you like from each of the major categories and put emphasis on vegetables and fruits. If you follow my LG Plate, each meal contains

  • 1-2 servings of whole-grain carbs
  • 1-2 servings of protein from beans or soy
  • 3-4 servings of vegetables
  • 1-2 servings of fruits and
  • a minimal amount of fat

It’s that simple. You don’t actually count anything once you understand how big an accurate serving is (usually ½ cup on average). When you don’t rely on box mixes and ultra-processed foods, you don’t have to count. Nature designed foods with just the right amount of water, fiber, and nutrients—we just have to eat actual food, as Nature designed it.

Yes, there are tweaks, depending on your health level, activity level, and age. I wouldn’t tell a 20-year-old hockey player to eat the same thing as a 65-year-old, post-menopausal woman. But the above guidelines are a great start for ANYONE.

Again, I created my Nutritional Bang for Your Buck Guide™, Staple Pantry List, and LG Plate™ so you can do this on your own. These are the guidelines for eating nutrient dense food for the least cost—you’ll find them under the Downloads Section here.

Here’s why it’s so important for you to decide you’ll no longer DIEt, and tell yourself you’re a healthy aging adult…

Your life is at risk when you constantly yo-yo on the scale


It’s not just about the mental aspect of the scale going down, up, down, up, down, and up. “I’ve tried everything.” (You haven’t.) “Everything hurts. You know how it is when you age.” (This is a myth—plenty of us age without everything hurting—you’ve just created a story you’re living. Study the Blue Zones and you’ll see thousands of elderly folks who don’t suffer from the lies of Western culture.) “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” (You have plenty of time to eat healthy, if you have 30 minutes each day, and 1-2 hours for food prep. You just have to make your health THE priority.)

Yo-Yo DIEts are extremely taxing on your body. Your organs and intestines cope with the extra stress and strain of the weight and changes in your diet; your immune system pumps out extra protection when you eat unhealthy foods again; you weaken major organs. Remember earlier, I said your body heals without your help and without your knowing—this is part of that process—maintaining balance, or homeostasis, as it’s called.

Here’s something I’ve never shared before, to explain this further—my father died of a sudden heart attack at 47, as you know. (I’m now 4 months older than he was, which is surreal…)

What you don’t know is the secondary cause of his heart attack… “DT tremors”. He was again going cold turkey, giving up drinking in an instant. He did this throughout my childhood and young adulthood—each time, putting his body under more and more stress. He’d then pick the bottle and cans when he fell off the wagon, and repeat the detox process every few years.

There’s only so much your body can take when you push and pull it—his heart couldn’t take another round of detox, so he collapsed in the shower and died before the ambulance arrived. He didn’t understand how to kick the habit or how his brain worked, so he did the best he could to fight his addiction.

This shouldn’t be your story, but so many crash DIEts cause a similar outcome. I want you to understand how your brain works, so you can stop whatever your “poison” is and replace it with a healthy habit you love. I want you to stop putting extra stress and pressure on your organs, so they can operate into your 70s, 80s, and 90s, fully functioning, keeping you alert and full of passion. So I’ll discuss habits, skills, identity and so on over the next couple of weeks.

It doesn’t matter that my father’s poison was alcohol… substitute alcohol for a high-fat, lower fiber diet; excessive amounts of meat and dairy; a sugar addiction; or just eating endless supplies of ultra-processed foods. All poisons have the same effect on your body. They just result in different ailments for you than they did for him.

As I teach in Ayurveda classes, each of us has a body system that’s weaker than others. As Dr. Bulsiewicz explains, we all have different microbes in our gut, which causes some of us to crave certain foods over others. Rob and I crave healthy foods because we’ve changed our brain and gut—our microbes want healthier foods and crowded out the nasty bugs that crave fats, sugars, and processed foods.

Next week, I’ll also explain why willpower is a myth and how to eat for optimal weight loss and digestion.

Stay tuned! Yours in health,



*To learn more about healing, read Dr. Lissa Rankin’s book, “Mind Over Medicine.” My mentor, Jim Fortin, recommended it during one of our TCP calls and a recent podcast.

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