How Simple Changes to Your Day can Change Your Life (GUEST ARTICLE)

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-by Brad Krause,

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut of feeling like you can’t move forward, you’re not alone. With adulthood comes a mundane routine that can be hard to break. However, if you want to improve your mental and physical health, you must break it. Here are tips to get you going.

Make your diet exciting

There’s nothing worse than a boring dinner. But between your household’s picky palates and an inability to find the time to learn how to cook a new cuisine, it’s easy to get trapped in a pattern of bland. There’s a whole world of healthy flavors out there just waiting to be discovered, and food delivery services can bring new tastes straight to your door. But, more than just a treat for your taste buds, a local food delivery service can offer you more options than those available at your grocery store of choice, meaning you can expand your menu of meal options to include healthier foods. While experimenting with food will make for a more exciting diet, make sure that you’re filling in any gaps in your nutrition by taking a daily multivitamin. A multivitamin has other benefits as well, including raising your mood, giving you more energy, and improving your skin.

Find ways to exercise

Lack of time can also make it hard to reach your physical fitness goals. Exercise should, however, be—or become—a priority. The American Heart Association offers plenty of tips on how to turn everyday activities into opportunities to strengthen your body, including taking a walk or window shopping.

Run away (for the weekend)

Eating and exercising are vital to your daily self-care. But so is breaking away from the stresses of the day. A simple and affordable way to do this is by taking a weekend getaway with your friends or family. Taking a mini-vacation will help you return relaxed and refreshed.

Fix your sleep issues

Getting the right amount of sleep should be right up there with exercise and healthy eating on your self-care priorities list. But there are many reasons you may not be able to get the rest you need, including medical conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and environmental factors that keep your mind in perpetual motion. Plan to hit the hay at least eight hours before you have to be up the next morning. If you have trouble winding down, invest in a sound machine, a light-blocking eye mask, comfortable pajamas, and a pillow and mattress that suit your sleep style.

Since clean air has been linked to happiness, don’t rule out investing in an air purifier to help you get some much-needed shut-eye at the end of a busy day. Although purifiers can’t remove every single allergens and pollutants inside your home, they can definitely improve the quality of the air you breathe. Not surprisingly, there are an assortment of models available on the market, so ensure you find the right one for your bedroom before ordering. Also make sure there’s proper ventilation in your home. A lack of ventilation increases moisture in your home and can lead to mold, which is very expensive to remove.

Spend some time alone

Psychology Today contributor Jenn Granneman makes a valid point in her article when she simply states, “If you’re not regularly spending time alone, you’re not living your best life.” As much as you love your family, friends, and coworkers, you have to learn to prioritize yourself. Spend an afternoon reading a book, hiking, or doing something else you love. And do it by yourself. Taking time alone is not selfish; it will help you be a more effective spouse and parent, as well as a more productive member of society.

Just say “no” to extra obligations

If you’re still struggling to find time for self-care, learning how to say “no” can help. Many women have been conditioned to be caretakers, and many men have been raised to show strength at all times. Regardless of your gender, age, or social standing, there is no shame in freeing up slots in your calendar to focus on your own life. You have to stop putting other people’s priorities ahead of yours.


There are a few hobbies that are great for stress reduction, and dancing tops the list. Not only is dancing a form of exercise, it can help you relieve stress and express your emotions.

Remember, the way you take care of yourself today affects your ability to care for others tomorrow. Make yourself a priority and don’t be afraid to make changes in areas that don’t help you live your best life.

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