How to Lose Fat & Stop the Yo-Yo Cycle

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… with Facts Not Fads™


For 4 weeks, students and I spent hours together in my Transformation 101 course, going deeper than ever before. With 6 months of intensive nutritional school behind me (and 6 months to go! 🤦‍♀️), I know more about why we can’t lose weight easily, nor keep it off.


This deeper level of information builds on what I wrote years ago, so students and clients see better results faster.


The first thing you should understand is online calculators are incorrect, setting you up for failure. I use MyFitnessPal with a couple of clients for food tracking, so I entered my age, current/goal weight, height, activity level—it said I should eat 1430 calories per day.


When I use the calculator from school (the Harris Benedict calculator, if you’re interested), I get 1379 calories. That’s a 51-calorie difference PER DAY. In a week, I’d overeat 3500 calories. That’s almost a pound of weight in calories, gained each week. All because of inaccurate calculations, which by the very nature of the app you’re using, SHOULD be correct. Wow.


No wonder we yo-yo so much. We’re not given accurate tools for calculations!


The second thing you need to know is our biggest concern is overall health, which is an ever-moving target. Fat loss is obviously an important metric of health, because many of the top disease-related deaths are because of excess weight. But when we focus on our health and body as a whole, we’re considering how we feel about ourselves through our Senses, Intuition, Movement, Plants, Love, Exploration—and nutrition is just one aspect of this model of health.


With both goals in mind, I’ve shared a few important video conversations around fat loss and nutrition you need to understand:


Not understanding some of these areas of wellness leave us prey to massive marketing campaigns. Each video above is 10 minutes or less and dispels myths people use to line their wallets… leaving us no different from lab rats.


If you’re interested in peering into a bit of my coaching sessions (shared with permission), take a peek around other content on my YouTube channel, too. My clients have amazing ways of tackling their health goals.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on any of these videos (and don’t forget to subscribe!).


Remember, what I teach is often not common practice and goes against all major trends and government “wellness” programs—I have no ulterior agenda, aside from getting you healthy. But you may feel what I’m saying is unusual, since it’s not the common narrative you hear.


Your government and many alternative healers are interested in keeping you sick and getting your money. (I’ll talk about the dangerous marketing behind one obnoxious trend next week!)


Please don’t dismiss what I’m saying because it seems to be against what pop culture tells us. Pop culture trends are failing us. Try what I’m suggesting before you throw it aside.


Whether you currently Eat to Live or Live to Eat (me! 🙋‍♀️), I hope to bring you clarity today. I’ve met plenty of people who had little interest in food until they met me. Years of being forced to eat foods we don’t like, a side order of bouts of eating disorders, served with a slice of passionless understanding for what food truly provides—all this makes for little concern of what’s going in our mouths sometimes.


But this lack of concern is literally killing us. What’s the point of living longer if we’re sick or fear mental health issues, cancer, or hospital visits?


Let’s get Empowered, stop the yo-yo cycles we’re on, and get on a path of optimal health. It IS possible. It IS your birthright, my friend. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks, as I share MORE myth-busting and pass along free goodies!


Yours in Health,


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