I’m Going Back to School!

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Last week, I read a book that mentioned a character strength test: VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute. What a great idea to find out what your strengths are, so you can focus on those! Many of us in the personal development world don’t believe the theory of working on weaknesses, but rather believe in creating mastery in your strengths.


As shocking as it may seem <insert sarcasm>, here’s my result:

Your free VIA Survey Results are ready! These positive qualities define your unique identity based on what is strongest in you.


Love of Learning

Your top strength is Love of Learning which means you have a passion for learning for its own sake. It is most present when you are mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge. When you learn, you take your initial curiosity and interest in a topic to ever-deepening levels.

Synchrony is a funny thing… I’ll explain why this test is so humorous in just a moment. But what’s so fascinating about the test results are how they resonate with some of my top values. This is further proof that your values help shape your Identity—this is why I push this type of self-reflection in classes and my private coaching sessions. Getting to know yourself is crucial in getting the life you want.


As one of my coaches says, “If it’s not in your external world, it’s not in your internal world.” Understanding your strengths is so important for your growth and self-confidence.


If you’re interested in discovering your superpowers, take the test here: VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute. You may be surprised at the results!


Now, synchronicity and why my test results are so funny…


Next Tuesday (November 1, 2022), I begin my journey as a Level 4 Qualified Nutritional Coach. For 2 years, I’ve followed my school and coaches (BTN Academy): podcasts, emails, webinars. I resonate with their philosophy of science over fads, and evidence-based nutrition (i.e. lots of critical thinking!).


And I already have homework before next week… eep!


When I got my Bachelors in ’95, I knew I was a lifelong student—I’m always reading, listening to podcasts on health/finances/subconscious growth, or listening to health summits.


When I practiced martial arts for 2 years, one lesson stood out over most: “always be a white belt.” Always be a beginner—keep your ego out of it and never be afraid to learn something new. Never forget the basics and where you came from.


What an important lesson for all of us…


But I’d be lying if I didn’t mention I have apprehensions about this year-long certification. Like many people my age or older experience when they rise to a new challenge, the ego wants us to stay safe and survive…


Will any area of my life suffer, as a result of the 8 hours study time required each week? Will I retain the information, given I have moments where my brain “skips” because of peri-meno? Is this going to affect my level of health in anyway (i.e. new stressor with time management, people management, stress in general)? AM I GOOD ENOUGH TO PASS!? Will anyone even use my services, or am I wasting money on more classes? Am I going to implement it all, or stack another course on my “bookshelf,” so to speak?


I recognize the stories in there, and some were around long before Rob gifted me the course 2 weeks ago. I’m not a superhero, and I’m no different than most people, when it comes to fear. As the cliché goes, I just move in spite of those fears. I have self-confidence AND confidence from past experiences.


Confidence and self-confidence aren’t the same thing. Confidence comes from having an external reference from prior experience. Self-confidence is internal, and means you know how to CREATE a new reference point. I’m confident because I have degrees and certifications already. But I’m self-confident in my ability to maneuver this new chapter of life, and all the bumps along the way.


Humans are the most adaptable creature out there (besides microorganisms, I say)… it’s why we’re here, millions of years later.


Back to School


For the next year, I’ll be knee-deep in research, biology, and nutrition at a deeper, functional level. Though I’ve studied nutrition for 2+ decades, I now get to read the research papers IN all of the books I’ve read, and guarantee the information is accurate. <hard swallow> We’ll see if I have to retract any of my past/present teachings! 🤣


There’s no longer a middle wo/man to distort the information I pass along to you. I already have access to specific fat loss tools to coach you at a deeper level! I’ll have new skills to help you through specific behaviors, skills, habits, etc. that keep you stuck (in whatever way you’re stuck… it’s not always about nutrition, is it!?).


So, please bear with me if I miss a week here and there with these newsletters. I am still coaching 1-on-1 (at a discounted intro rate until January 1!), and will offer group coaching soon. I’m still teaching via the beautiful partners I have, and plan on launching the 8-week S.O.S. of Nourishment Group Coaching in a few months. I still offer private meals for folks on Long Island, and am getting coached on writing professionally.


While it seems like a lot, I manage my time well (and teach you to do the same in Transformation 101!). I also know when to take a step back from something that no longer serves me. But this certification is important—it will serve all of you so much. As I go along, I’ll share the journey and of course, what I’m learning.


Stay tuned for more Plant-Based Ancient Wisdom, as my writing coach says… 😻💜🎃



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