Online Courses, Books, Downloads.

This is where you go from Confusion / Illness to Empowerment / Thriving.

From A(s Is) to E(mpowerment)!

A 5-minute Meditation

Start Here. Center your body and put your feet on the ground. For the next 5 minutes, align your breath with the music. When the pitch increases, inhale. When it decreases, exhale. 

What is it you need most? What will help you find balance?

Wellness Courses

Online, live, or private coaching sessions


Recipes, meal plans, shopping guides, and more

WFLFPP Meal Plans

Organic/non-GMO; plant-powered; low or no-added fat meals; whole food; hand-crafted to your taste and health needs.



What do you need?



This is your resource for putting it all together. Many of these downloads are laminated on my fridge; they keep my health optimal and my energy levels high.


Private Catering

Most meal delivery services mass-produce food. Whether they send meals you cook or they’re pre-packaged, you have little control. 

I believe in something different. I know how hard it is to tailor my health and taste needs when I eat out locally. Take 5-minutes to fill out the required meal plan form, and your meals are custom-tailored for YOU.

I know how confusing labels and clever marketing schemes are… before you grab your next bottle of water, watch this quick video.

I explain the different types of water and what you need to know before buying a filter or fall for that next scam of alkaline water! You don’t need a fad, you just need real food.

Your eating habits determine your acidity and alkalinity. The more plants you eat, the more alkaline you are. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

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