I tried every DIEt but NOTHING worked...

Until TINY tweaks reversed pre-diabetes!

Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, Plant-Based Holistic Lifestyle Coach

No-Cost Empowerment Call

Would you like me to help you discover how to lose weight and experience life with a plant-based* diet?

I guarantee you’ll EAT MORE FOOD when you focus on the numbers that matter, like fat / fiber content, and your blood glucose levels.

It’s not your fault you don’t know what to make when you walk in the kitchen.

  • If you haven’t lost weight in 2 weeks despite trying,
  • If you’ve tried 2+ DIEts but you’re still overweight,
  • If your blood sugar consistently runs over 100 2+ hours after eating OR
  • If you have no energy or emotion left to change your habits…

Understand something very important: trendy DIEts and many wellness “hacks” sabotage you. They destroy your mindset, gut health, and metabolism. Your willpower is NOT the problem!

Would you like to feel like the healthiest, joyful, most vibrant you ever? Apply for your no-cost call!

*Plant-based means vegetarian or vegan, depending on your health needs.

Do you feel defeated, terrified, isolated? Are you afraid to look in the mirror because you don’t recognize the reflection you see? Do you think you’re a victim of genetics, doomed to the diseases or conditions that plague your family?

I understand your confusion, disappointment, and frustration. At 24, I was obese, had acid reflux, hypothyroidism, and heart palpitations. I hated that my health relied on medications and doctor’s visits, because I knew this wasn’t a permanent solution. Western medicine provided no cure, and wasn’t sustainable if I lost my job and insurance; Eastern medicine & philosophies provided cures through food, herbs, and other forms of healing.

What if you have a limited budget with no time to cook? I worked 80 hours a week and had no excess income to spare on trendy foods and kitchen equipment. These are skills I’ll pass along to you, so you can have health while building your abundant future. 

Despite the health, money, and time issues I had in the past, I’m curious, determined, and clever. That combination led to success by fall ’17, when I reversed my pre-diabetes with MINOR dietary tweaks. Those tweaks became my LG Plate™ in 2018. I’ll give you these tweaks during our call, removing the obstacles to your success. 

If you’ve tried every DIEt and are frustrated you have to give up your favorite foods, it’s time to learn what you CAN eat. And despite the claims of fads, YOU’RE NOT TO BLAME. (They’ve lied to us…)

“I’ll always be fat, on meds, or struggling with my diet.” “I have some knowledge of what healthy foods to eat, but I’m not doing it.” “I can’t wear that or have that, because it’s for skinny people.” “Healthy food = rabbit food!” (These are more lies of an industry invested in keeping you confused and dieting…)

A few questions friends & clients have asked through the years

Now, questions for you:

*If you don’t track your blood glucose or know optimal ranges, you’ll understand how important this is when we talk. 

And psst… even if you’re in peri- or post-menopause, or a middle-aged man, you can lose weight and feel vibrant, by making tiny tweaks each week. (Our metabolisms don’t slow until age 60, contrary to popular claims… ain’t that good news!?)

Maybe nutrition seems confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. If you’re ready to take control and have Empowerment over your health and vitality, I offer a few no-cost calls each week.

If you’re ready to create a Transformation with my help, I’d love to talk to you. In my no-cost Empowerment call, I’ll show you how to never be victimized by the industry again. You’ll get a meal planning guide that removes some of the confusion behind the trends. Let me tell you a bit about it…

The good news: there’s lots of information about health and weight loss!

The bad news: 99% of the information doesn’t work. It’s rarely sustainable for you, the rest of humanity, OR the planet—here’s why:

  1. Most DIEts ask you to restrict certain foods or entire food groups, despite thousands of years of human consumption. If you’re a foodie like me, the last thing you want is to limit food groups! Conflicting information keeps you frustrated and tired, reaching for the phone to order takeout. 
  2. DIEting never keeps the weight off. Instead of offering a permanent solution, all these fads disrupt your digestion, reduce your metabolism, and increase your risk of disease. Dieters not only gain back the initial weight they lost, but usually gain MORE weight! When Dr’s endorse fad DIEts, I ask you… who benefits when you’re not only unable to reverse a disease, but then create one with heavy, acidic foods like meat, oils, and diary? Hint: the folks who endorse them!
  3. When you research foods of indigenous cultures, you discover the truth: the “poor man’s diet” is also the healthiest. Guess who benefits from you spending a lot on groceries? Marketers, food manufacturers, scientists, lab technicians, BigPharma, and the medical industry. We shouldn’t be lab rats for corporate greed.
  4. Our government incentivizes farmers to produce subpar food, which creates more dis-ease and sends you to the doctor. On the flip-side, a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle costs under $10/day… and doesn’t require expensive supplements, either!
  5. Our brain consumes 30% of the calories we ingest. It also automates processes to save energy (this is how habits are created). We can use that process to our health by automating healthy habits!

It’s hard to know where to start, and this isn’t your fault. The medical and food industries have made it nearly impossible to figure out what’s best for YOU as an individual.

When I worked for a hospital surgeon, I asked why he didn’t encourage a healthy diet instead of pushing pills for infants. His response told me all I needed to know—as did our fancy meals, hosted by pharmaceutical reps.

Most doctors have a 2 hours of nutritional training throughout their 8 years of school—some have NO training. 90% of what they learn is outdated and incorrect, like the theory of complete proteins, debunked over 30 years ago! Doctors simply don’t know how you should eat, which is why medical nutritionists exist (but sadly, they fail most people, too). This is what’s keeping you where you are, and why you’re not successful.

In just an hour, I’ll give you a step-by-step plan so you eat what’s right for your body. I’ll make sure you understand how to stop being a victim and start taking steps to experience the vitality and health you desire and deserve! 

What to Expect in Our Call

Tools you can implement easily and immediately!

Whole-food, low or no-added fat, plant-based meals aren’t a trend… they’re how our species evolved. Avoiding plant foods creates disease—no doctor with any nutritional training argues that. Eating a well-balanced meal provides nutrients essential for optimal health.

Together, we’ll discover what you’ve tried and why it didn’t work (all these clues help us customize a plan that works for YOU).

Wellness Concepts

There is no one-size-fits-all approach… pun intended! 😉 The problem with every mainstream DIEt is the assumption that every human is the same. If twins don’t have the same DNA, how will one diet help everyone? A plant-based lifestyle is not a DIEt, it’s a way of thriving. 

NOTE: Plant-based is not vegan, nor do I force you to eat vegetarian, if you don’t want that. Plant-based meals are primarily 80% plants… we’ll determine what works best for you, during our first Empowerment call.

Think it’s impossible to lose 40 pounds in 5 months and keep it off permanently? Thousands of people worldwide have done it and you can, too!

It IS possible to reduce or eliminate medication. It’s possible to exercise again without intense workouts… and it’s made possible by making tiny tweaks each week.

Science-Based WFLFPB Meal Plans

Everything we’ll discuss is proven through thousands of years of philosophy and human biology, not fads. In fact, my tagline is Facts not Fads™.

We’ll discuss why eliminating major food groups like grains, fruits, certain veggies are actually HURTING your health

I’m a private chef, worked in a vegetarian cafe, and curated grab-n-go foods for health food stores and coffee shops for 12 years.

I have high standards for what I serve, but  understand business costs. You need to understand how to shop for nutrient dense, healthy, inexpensive foods. I’ll show you how eating healthy costs less than $10/day (and those are NY prices in 2022!).


My LG Plate™—I designed this after years of yo-yo DIEts and condensing research from hundreds of books on plant-based nutrition.

This framework is precisely how you eat more food without eliminating food groups or tracking macros. Love whole grains like rice and pasta, or potatoes? Have them! 

Our body needs carbs, proteins, healthy and intact fats, and loads of fiber.

Whether you have a heart condition, cancer, diabetes, stomach issues, pain, or inflammation, a plant-based lifestyle can reduce or eliminate medications and disease. 

And forget about weight loss challenges! It becomes a “side effect” of a thriving plant-based lifestyle!

Why It's Free but Requires an Application*

  1. Healthy food and plants are my passions. When I lost both of my parents by 28 (neither of them lived past 49), I realized food was the source of their illnesses. They never knew food could have saved their lives. Instead, they followed nutritional advice that sent them to an early grave. I want to remove beliefs about plant-based food that keep you powerless over your health. I want you to experience the security that comes from health.
  2. It’s my dharma (purpose) to help you sift through trends, so you heal with Nature, not dangerous drugs. Our call allows me a chance to give you valuable information amidst all the confusionI want you to feel vibrancy with Nature, not the compounding side effects of pharmaceuticals.
  3. I want to work with you after our initial call—but I also need to know we’re aligned to work together. This free call helps us both decide if we’re a good fit. Some of you reading this are not a good fit, and that’s OK! I’m not good for everyone, either. You’ll still get valuable information from our call, which you can implement immediately. 

*When you apply for our call, you’ll see if I’m a good fit for you. Applications weed out those who aren’t willing to make a minimal effort on the path of their success. It also lets you know what to expect from me as a coach, so I can help you make the changes you REALLY want in your life!

A S.I.M.P.L.E. plan of action...

The Beans-n-Potatoes of Our Call

We’ll talk about what you’ve tried, your current health concerns/issues, and where you want to be. We’ll discuss your availability for your health, your sleep patterns, and what may stand in your way for success (family, food dislikes, refuse to cook).

When we review my LG Plate, you’ll pick foods you like. We’ll then incorporate them into a weekly meal plan we’ll create.

It’s that easy to get quick success!

No Hard Selling

If we feel like we work well together and you want to move forward, great. If not, you’ll still get value in the meal plan we construct for you. I’m a very curious person by nature and LOVE food! I love talking to people about nutrition… and I want to help you get clear about how simple it really is.

But ... See Your Responsibility

Creating your plan is no-obligation for future purchases, but… you need to commit to show up for our call. Be fully present, open, and willing to see and do whatever we uncover.This is how you create meals with foods that heal you.

This is for You If...

Obviously, I can’t talk to everyone. I have a limited number of free calls available each week for people genuinely motivated to improve their health permanently.

These are the people I can best help:

Your family is OK with a plant-based lifestyle, even if they don’t join you… and you have no religious or spiritual issues with it
You’re willing to try something new, even if you don’t have a perfect meal plan in front of you right now
You’re 20 or more pounds overweight, and have health concerns like diabetes or heart conditions
You’re willing to move your body at least 3x week, ideally 4-5 times, 20 minutes each session--and this includes walking, my friend!
Your budget allows you to slowly rebuild your pantry, kitchen equipment, a blood glucose monitor, and my coaching
You're willing to get in the kitchen. You don't have to be Gordon Ramsey... you just need to enjoy the thought of cooking enough to regain the power of your kitchen.

This Isn’t for You If… *

*The Non-Negotiables

You aren’t willing to sleep 7-9 hours.

We’ll figure out how to make it possible, if you’re willing to implement it. Your weight & health are linked to the amount of sleep you get.

I’ll explain the importance of this during our call.

You don’t have at least 2-3 hours for food prep.

I’ll help you create the time during our call. But you must be willing to make that time available.

This block of investment time is vital to your success.

You aren’t coachable and willing to try new foods—even if those foods sucked when you were a kid!

Curiosity and being willing to try again are your key assets in building health.

I almost NEVER realized how much I love asparagus because I grew up eating the slimy crap in a can. My private clients had similar experiences before trying my meals. 

Preparation is the key to success. To make sure you’re someone I can help, please answer these 6 Questions honestly, so neither of us wastes time on our first call. The button below takes you to the application, where I’ll be able to schedule our initial call.

If I feel I can help you, I’ll confirm your appointment.

I’ll also let you know if I feel I can’t help, and will suggest an alternative, so you still get value during our call.

E.g. overweight, tired, pain, foggy-headed, etc..

This means excluding as much animal flesh as possible, lowering it to a max of 20% of your plate. We’ll discuss eggs & dairy during your call, as well as supplements for a vegan diet.

I’ll help you adjust your schedule to make sleep happen. I just need your commitment to do this,because I’ll explain how sleep affects your health and weight loss efforts.

You’ll find I’m not a workout junkie, nor do I recommend it. Movement is as simple as a slow walk in nature, or a few chair stretches.

This can be as low as $100 or as high as $1,000, depending on your current situation and availability.

If you’re still reading this, honor that inner voice tapping you… 

Follow your gut (pun intended) and press that green button above. You CAN eat grains/pasta, soy, beans, fruit, nuts & seeds… you just need to understand what works best for your body.

Invested in Your Health,

Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, B.A., M.A., CLO

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