IPDE – More Than Just a Clever Driving Technique

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Life continuously gives us valuable lessons. Whether it’s a job skill, a life situation, the friends you have or a defensive driving course, there’s always something to learn… something to carry with you and build upon in the future.

If a lesson comes up more than once, pay close attention to it.

When I took Driver’s Ed in high school, they taught us the IPDE process. In conversations with people throughout the years, I’ve learned this priceless information isn’t taught everywhere. That sucks…

It’s not just a driving technique – it’s been invaluable in how I look at life and projects. When I trained in martial arts from 2010-12, I learned the same technique under a different guise. A light bulb clicked; I realized I’d been using the IPDE process since high school in multiple unrelated circumstances. When I read Opportunity by Eben Pagan last month, I was introduced to the same process again – he refers to it as a “futuristic view.”

As the saying goes, “the 3rd time’s the charm.”

It’s time to pass along the IPDE process to you.

Inspect – inspect or survey your surroundings

Predict – predict the next move of those around you

Decide – decide what you’ll do if x, y, z happens

Execute – execute according to what does happen

If you’re at a 4-way stop at an intersection, Inspect how many cars are around you and if there are animals, adults, or kids present; notice who got to the intersection 1st, 2nd, so on and so forth.

Predict how each car or entity will move; will they move in the appropriate sense, with the car on the right going first? Or will that pedestrian try and cross when they shouldn’t? Will Sparky or little Jethro run out unexpectedly into the intersection?

Decide how you will react in each situation and when a move is finally made, decide how you’ll move.

Execute your plan according to what you decide. Don’t sit at the intersection and create confusion by pausing too long. You’ll mess up the flow of traffic.

Life is no different.

In Eben’s futuristic view, multiple scenarios are available to you for every choice you need to make. “The idea is to envision what the most likely outcomes will be in the future, and then think through what the signs will be that one of the scenarios is coming true. As you do this… you’ll know what to watch for as ‘road signs’ along the way.” When you see certain signs, you know how to move forward with your opportunity.

In other words, inspect, predict, decide, execute.

Whether you consider IPDE as a driving lesson, a martial arts defense move, or futuristic view is irrelevant. What’s important is to look for opportunities, predict where and how they may occur, decide how you’ll react in each version of your future reality, and then actually take that leap.

What are your thoughts?