Is Your Beauty Routine Killing You?

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Cosmetic = derived from the word cosmos; the order of the Universe; creating harmony in the Universe through a beauty care routine.


  • Very few skin products are natural or contain actual natural ingredients – there’s a previous blog that explains how the word natural is being bastardized…you must do research, to stay ahead of marketing strategies.
  • Mineral oil is obtained from petroleum (you know…gasoline!?!)– it’s allergenic, phototoxic, greasy and clogs the pores. In addition, it is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) and leeches minerals from the body.  If mineral oil wasn’t dangerous enough by itself, the mere process of creating it pollutes our waters and kills marine life.  (Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care, Aubrey Hampton)
  • Synthetic products are created in a lab, to reproduce the effects of natural products, at a much greater profit margin – the unfortunate truth is that truly natural and organic products cost more, because of the work involved in the farming, and the finite availability of plants (there are only so many plants that can be harvested at one time…unlike a chemical compound created in a laboratory).
  • Your skin absorbs nutrients or chemicals in a mere matter of seconds, either nourishing or poisoning your body system – it takes approximately 26 seconds for your body to absorb a substance. You determine whether that product will heal, or will harm you, by choosing products with ingredients that you recognize.
  • The bottom line is that YOU as the consumer determine what is in your basket, on your body, and where your dollars go. Use your POWER wisely, and for the greater good of every being on this planet.


So…what are you putting on/in your body?

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