Here's a little known fact...

I hate getting wraps or burrito's that are messy, or uneven.  I worked for a Mexican fast food chain for 4-1/2 years in my teenage years (I'm sure you can guess which one!), and was highly-trained in wrapping burritos.  Yes, one can be "highly-trained" in a skill such as this - or at least you could be in those years! (I've recently learned this IS still a handy skill.)

Never-the-less, that training made me quite picky about how to properly portion, ration, roll and present burrito's and wraps.

  • Every bite should contain every ingredient.  
  • The wrap shouldn't be so full, that everything's bursting at the seams, and you have to eat it with a fork.  
  • It should look NEAT.  
  • It should be made with lots of love!

A dear friend made a comment about wanting me to teach her to properly wrap a burrito...and thus came this lil diddy!  (Props to my beloved husband Rob, for his filming, editing & musical genius! And yes, the song is his.)

My yummus-filled specialty (yummus=yummy+hummus)...

My yummus-filled specialty (yummus=yummy+hummus)...

If you have a skill you'd like me to show you, please ask!  And while you're on my YouTube page, feel free to browse other educational how-to-food vid's, or other goodies (and subscribe, to be notified of future endeavors).

As always, thank you!