As we enter the year of 2016, we here at Pandora's Products, Inc. and Pandora's Lunchbox, pledge to be more compassionate to all beings…we challenge you to do the same!  This year will host a new lineup of events and challenges that will explain the different aspects of Compassion.  As always, these workshops are based on “Education, not Domination.”  Keep checking back for events and links, as we have more in store for you!

  • *January 4: Truth in Labeling, Sachem Public Library, Holbrook, NY – 7-8:30 pm. Join us in the fresh New Year in this FREE workshop, and learn how to read about the chemicals in our food, and what MSG really is, and how it’s used. We will also discuss GMO’s more, caffeine, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and a host of other additives.
  • *January 5: Edible Holistic Wellness 101, Middle Country Public Library 7-8:30pm. In this FREE workshop, we’ll discuss learn the basics about nutrition. We'll discuss the basics of eating organically, what a GMO is, the importance of eating seasonally, and what raw food is and how to incorporate more of it into our daily lives. Free admission (must be a member of Middle Country Public Library to attend).
  • *January 8: Satsang: Wellness, Finding Meaning and Transcending, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9 pm. This satsang will focus specifically on: Where do meanings come from, Listening to our inner voice and making time for your dreams, Facing death and finding meaning, Dying with dignity, looking ahead, Everything is connected because everything is one, Shaping our own reality, everything is in process, Falling apart and falling together, Dreams and coming home to ourselves. Intuition and wellness, Transcending…slowly. These events are meant to raise questions within yourself about how you manage your life, and the more questions you have, the more fun it becomes! $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.
  • *January 15: Satsang on the 8-limb path, A Jewel in the lotus, Islip, NY 7-9pm.  In this satsang, Angela and Alicia will discuss: The 8-limb path of Ashtanga Yoga, as well as diving deeper into ahimsa, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, on a plant-based diet. Transitioning to any new food-style can be difficult and confusing at first--join us to discover how you can make smarter choices about what you're putting in your body! $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.