• June 3: Wellness Satsang ~ Awareness and Compassion A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9 pm.  In this workshop, we will discuss *Awareness and self-trust, *A balanced nutritional lifestyle, *Slowing down, *Love and compassion, *Growing your own, *Feeding our planet. $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.
    We hope to see you around!

    We hope to see you around!

  • June 11: Learn and Play Organic Skincare Workshop (Deer Park) Deer Park Public Library, Deer Park – 11:30-1 pm. In this FREE interactive workshop, we’ll talk about the importance of natural and organic skincare products including tattoo aftercare. Learn the basics on how to read labels, and how our body absorbs nutrients.A run-through of a basic skin care routine is included, with sampling of massage oils and ointments. Each participant will receive a sample of a healing product as well. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RSVP VIA THE LINK, OR IN PERSON AT DEER PARK LIBRARY. YOU MAY ALSO CALL THE LIBRARY AT 631-586-3000 TO RSVP.
  • June 18: Chakra Immersion Series A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 6-8pm. In this immersion, we will study the Chakra's and teach you how to balance them.  This workshop will specifically focus on Anahata, the heart chakra of love.  Each third Saturday of the month will focus on a specific chakra with yoga poses, meditation, mudras, basic information about the chakras, essential oils, foods, and so much more! We will individually test each chakra with a pendulum before and after each workshop, so you are aware of the transformation. The last session will be a summary in case you miss any during the immersion. Exchange: $35 each
  • June 25: Dinner and a Movie - JAWS! Cyrus: Chai & Coffee Company, Bay Shore – 6 -8 pm. This month’s cult classic film is JAWS!!!  As always, our viewings feature a plant-based multi-course tasting menu, inspired by this cult classic film! Doors open at 6, so come grab some coffee or tea, while waiting for the movie to begin at 6:30. Bring a date, bring a friend, or come alone!  *Seating is limited for these engagements, so RSVP is required* $35/PERSON
  • June 26: Cooking Demo at OT Farm's monthly Green Fair  Organics Today Farm, 169 Washington St, East Islip – 10am-3 pm. We are proud to team up with Organics Today Farm, to offer true Farm-to-Table meals! From OT Farm to our pots and pans, into your belly; come join us and get your organics on, ask cooking questions, sample free food (with options to purchase lunch and hang out with all of us), as well as learn from our cooking demo! Other vendors are on hand as well, answering questions about organic products, and offering their services.  This event is free, and the demo includes a tasting.