The Door’s Open! Are You In?

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I’ve opened the doors for my Elements of Ayurveda course for (now) 5 more people. Many of you asked for courses on nutrition, herbs, healing, and mindfulness: Ayurveda is a one-stop philosophy.  

I promise you won’t find a course this comprehensive for this price. I’ve compiled information from years of study, multiple books, direct experience working with others in this field, and from reputable online sources. 

Even I won’t offer this course for this price again… once doors close on February 10, you’ll have to wait for a live version of the course, or opt for a higher price. Remember, you have a year from your enrollment date to take the actual course. You only need to own your desire to gain knowledge and commit to your health right now.

  • You can send food journals,
  • ask for recipe substitutions, questions on specific ingredients, or ask for mental and spiritual advice and
  • there will be a private, safe space for the 10 of us to interact and raise our consciousness.

This 4-part online course includes 5 modules, with an estimated read time of 20 minutes per module. That’s about 1.5 hours of information that will guide you to Wellness. The sooner you get involved in your own health, the faster you’ll see results. It’s time we eliminate what ails you…  

You can even take the course for a test drive if you want. Scroll to the “Course Curriculum” and click on any content marked as “Free Preview.”  

I wish I had access to this when I started my journey 2 decades ago. I’ve helped people discover simple, healthy choices to become optimally healthy with pieces of the information I’ll be sharing with you. This is the first time I’ve made this material available to a wide audience; I’m offering it at a discount only to my Seedlings (if you’re reading this, that’s you!).  

For $54, you have 365 days private access to a community of friends with similar struggles as you. Despite what you may believe, you’re not alone! Here’s what’s included:  

  • A 4- week program like this would normally run $100 per week for a group of 5 in a live setting ($20 per week, per person). Unlike live events, you don’t have to travel or worry about coordinating your schedule—go at your own pace, sipping herbal tea in your PJ’s. You’ll even know which herbal teas are best for you!
  • You’ll get 30-days of 1-on-1 coaching with me ($200 value for the 4 weeks). In this time, you’ll be able to address concerns you may not want to share with the group (food journals, mental or spiritual advice).
  • Handouts, resources, recipes, and an eBook are available when you sign up.
  • This is a 78% one-time only discount for the first 9 people who take advantage of this program.
  • You’ll have access to the course for a full year. Revisit the material seasonally to make sure you’re on track with Nature!
  • As with all my programs, there’s one thing you can’t put a price tag on… Empowerment.

Namaste,   Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi, BA, MA, CLO  

P.S. Don’t miss out! This offer ends Sunday!


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