Maine Leaf Peeping

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If you’ve never been to New England in the fall, I urge you to plan a quick getaway next year. You’ll never experience the array of colours that blanket this region anywhere else. Even living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC didn’t compare to the scenery here in Maine.

Leaf peeping is a favourite pastime of ours – fall has always been our favourite season. The air is crisp, the temps drop and nature is ablaze with beauty. Despite knowing it marks a cycle of upcoming death and hibernation, there’s a distinct beauty and aroma this cycle of life holds. This is the season in Maine when we all cut back plants, plant bulbs for spring, bring in the yard decorations and prepare for the potential for 5 months of snow, peace and quiet.

Our first visit to Maine was last September, just before the foliage season actually kicked off. Though we remember Maine being beautiful that time of year, we don’t have specific memories of the landscape. Since this is our first fall here, we were eager to track foliage reports and explore fall in Maine. After all, Maine has more trees than people and despite being the evergreen state, there’s a wide array of oak, ash, birch, maple, sumac trees, with so many more trees and bushes that set the landscape on fire.

Bob Ross would be proud of the view Nature gives us this time of year!

As I write this in the final week of October, our foliage report shows Peak season still exists along the coastline of Maine. There’s still time to visit before the snow and temps begin to fall, though admittedly, we did have a slight amount of snowfall this past week. Here’s a snapshot of our first Maine October – should you decide to visit here in the fall, you’ll have an idea of the regions you want to visit and when to visit them.


A brief journey heading to the beautiful Dover-Foxcroft area. This is the view from the first week of October, just as my first Transformation 101 class ended at the PVAEC (Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative). These are the roads and “traffic” that captivated us during our first trip here last year!

Dover Foxcroft

Welcome to Dover-Foxcroft during the first week of October! This is where my Transformation course was taught and where the Whoopie Pie Festival is held (one of my childhood favourite sweet treats!). The Piscataquis River and Piscataquis River Reservoir dam run through the charming little town. The beautiful old feed store in the background is currently occupied by Bob’s Farm Home & Garden.

Peaks Kenney Park

This “beach” is a common locale for summer fun here in Maine, though we admittedly waited until fall to explore it. Climb up on a large rock, look at Sebac Lake and enjoy a view of the mountains in the background. Walk through the park and you’ll encounter beautiful fungi and evergreens. (See? It’s a total Bob Ross painting!)

Camden Ski

This is the second week of October’s viewing, courtesy of a ski resort near us. Despite being along the southern coast of Maine, Camden Snow Bowl hosts an annual chairlift ride for foliage viewing, skiing during the winter, as well as an annual toboggan race at the end of winter. Camden Snow Bowls tagline is “Ski the Sea” – it’s the only ski destination on the East Coast with views of the ocean. Bald Mountain Preserve and Hosmer Pond are seen in a few of these pics.

Despite our fear of heights, we decided to take the chairlift to the top (not being familiar with the terrain or view, this was the best option for novices). Needless to say, fear won – we skipped the lift and walked back down. Luckily, the hike down is actually the best way to encounter the best view possible! The terrain was filled with reindeer moss, juniper, evergreens, and a view of both mountains and the ocean – a view you’ll see nowhere else!

There’s a delicate balance of people/nature, city/rural life here in Maine. As more and more Mainers pass along tips of their favourite “secret” getaway spots, I’ll keep sharing them with you! Happy fall season and a Blessed Samhain/All Hallows Eve to you!

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