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Hope: I recycle as often as possible because I hope the planet can heal and am saddened by the amount of waste we create.

Grace: I keep my products affordable for the public without devaluing what I create, because I was Graced with an ability to help heal.

Ancient Wisdom: I believe that following the older laws of nature is a better path than the current system of healing in this nation.

I am Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom; I am all that what was left in Pandora’s Box all those years ago

So, what does that mean for you?

My primary area of expertise is in food and nutrition. I’ve developed an amazing sense of smell that compliments my sense of taste… it’s part of the reason I began making skincare.

You can find the rest of my story here.

It took YEARS of meditation, spiritual journey, and exploration for me to understand what my Mission Statement truly meant to me. That soul-searching identity that sits behind the words. The separate parts of me that wrote each line and the parts of me I call on when I create a new product, nourishing meal, or teach.

Each of the above parts of my Mission Statement applies to a different aspect of my Service to you.

Hope is my Lunchbox

Hope is the wise old woman in me that some people call “witchy.” My cooking style is healthy, comforting, has a home-cooked feel, and doesn’t follow recipes.

Mentors and countless classes have advised me to create recipes and stick to them, for reasons I understand.

But I honour that woman inside of me and her creativity. I honour the way she makes something from nothing. I honour her ability to make a healthy meal with little or no added fat, lots of nutrients, spices and ingredients most people are unfamiliar with, and actual flavour without excess salt and sugar tricks.

The average family throws away $2,000 PER YEAR of food. That’s nearly $50/week in groceries. Take a moment to let that fully sink in. $50 per week.

I’m appalled by that. We all know there are homeless people in every major city, that people are starving, and there are people literally dying for food. According to worldhunger.org, nearly 17,000 children die from starvation. Every. Single. Day.

Yet we do little to combat this. Restaurants and stores here in the US aren’t able to give away outdated foods despite a food pantry and soup kitchen in every major city or town. Our take out portions are supersized and most people throw away what they can’t eat.

We can use every part of our food system if we just take a few minutes to learn how. Use vegetable scraps as compost even if you’re not in a space where you have a yard. Buy compostable bags and find a farmer who can use the material. Wash scraps and use them to create a soup stock you can freeze.

The wise old woman in me reuses zip-lock bags, steeps tea twice, uses paper and boxes to ship out products, and makes the most of everything she can. It’s become a fun game of sorts when I run across something new. The game is in finding a new use for it.

I’m not crafty like my aunt or friends, and there’s plenty I wish I could better use or upcycle.

I do my best and I urge my fellow beings to do the same. That’s my Hope.

Grace is my line of skincare

I was given the condition of sensitive skin, thanks to my father. This gift was the ultimate reason for starting a line of organic skincare products.

There’s a middle-aged old man inside of me that was once bitter about the organic products he created. Hardly anyone valued what he created and despite it being higher quality than everything in the store, he didn’t get the respect he felt he deserved.

Marketing skin care products is a VERY hard business that takes years to master–I still haven’t mastered it and may not. Many don’t see its value for various reasons… maybe it’s priced too high, maybe it’s priced too low. Maybe it’s not made with a brand of oils they’re familiar with.

People perceive value in many ways. Pricing is tricky. It may be the most challenging part of marketing.

As a skincare expert, I know what’s important for the body, mind, and soul. I hand-craft every scent blend based on the properties of the oils used. I use base oils (olive, coconut, shea, sesame) that are the most nourishing for the skin. I use only organic essential oils, with the exception of 3-4. Those that aren’t organic would be $100’s for me to buy; my product remains overall organic because of the minute amount of oils used.

I could charge more, but this would exclude those who like my younger self, wouldn’t be able to afford what I create. My goal is to reach MORE people, not exclude anyone. I don’t wish to heal the 1% only… I wish to reach as many as possible.

Knowing my value and making it more accessible has been a tough road that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The journey has allowed me to find my integrity. There have been and will continue to be frustrations in it all. I don’t dip into marketing scams or cheap advertising. I don’t use sex to sell. I use a bit of humour with a lot of truth.

I teach classes on the importance of skincare and using organic products. I’m admittedly enraged by Multi-Level-Marketing companies with clever sales pitches. I find it irresponsible and dangerous to advise people with little to knowledge of essential oils that it’s OK to ingest them. I find it appalling that these companies make hand-over-fist selling “natural” but non-organic essential oils while reputable smaller companies are less-known.

These MLM companies do little to inspire you to create your own blends or products; it’s just about consumption. I’ve seen “They Live.” I understand that our society is obsessed with consumption and material goods.

Oils are concentrated plant essences, whether essential or carrier oils. If you’re concerned with organic foods, PLEASE be concerned with organic skincare products—your skin is the largest organ of your body. Demand better. You deserve it.

I have an immense amount of respect and fascination for the human body. I create products in honour of that love for our species.

Ancient Wisdom is what I pass along

 If you read my story, you know I had a terrible case of stage fright that cost me a chance at a classical singing career in high school and an acting career in college.

What you don’t know is that I’ve always been fascinated by the lives of monks. In those high school years, I constantly played Gregorian Chants when I needed to concentrate. In my older age, I’ve added chants by Brahmins, or Hindu teachers and protectors of sacred learning. I love the life of Monks and have a fierce fascination for their way of life and piety.

I typically infuse basic, everyday teaching with ancient elements. Whether it’s educating people on how we used a food thousands of years ago or fighting against current trends, I strongly consider the past when teaching.

I don’t believe in trends, even if they’re based on what seems to be “sound science.” (I’ve seen how we can manipulate science.)

Is what we’re hearing something that makes sense biologically? Is it ecological? Is it ethical? How does it affect the bigger picture? What’s important for people to understand, so they can help this planet survive? Is what we’re hearing something that indigenous cultures may have incorporated into their lives?

I teach prevention because I’ve seen the effects of living a life of reaction rather than being proactive. I live proactively myself and when people became curious about how I rarely get sick and seem so alive and happy, I compiled my knowledge and began teaching. As I’ve stated before, my Passion for spreading the truth is greater than my fear of being in front of the public.

I prefer teaching small groups, as it allows people to express themselves easier. I’m not looking to sell out stadiums and teach thousands of people in one shot. It’s more important for people to feel safe and respected with me so that my words have a lasting impact. I want them to take the knowledge I share and use it, not forget it after the weekend event is over.

For some, those events are monumental; I cherish being able to attend such events. It’s certainly a valid way of teaching and I’m not discounting it. It’s just not my style of teaching.

I teach on a wide range of topics, though they all fall under the great umbrella of healing and holistic wellness. Maybe it’s a course on nutrition, water quality, Ayurveda, meditation, exercise, herbs, cooking techniques, sensory perception, or essential oils. Maybe it’s a little more spiritual and encompasses empowerment, energy healing, or chakras.

What I teach is all based a little on science and a lot in historical context.

Science is just now beginning to understand the ethereal world. Living in the spiritual world also requires us to understand common sense and science. I believe in being responsible for our spiritual practices. I believe in creating and appreciating Balance.

I am a protector of Sacred Learning, as were all the Wise Ones before me.

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